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2023-09-01 10:10:00

AuAg launches the daily traded fund AuAg Gold Mining, with the fund start September 1, 2023. The fund is a feeder fund that invests in the recipient fund AuAg ESG Gold Mining UCITS ETF.

It can be purchased from Avanza and will be added to more platforms in the coming days.

The fund is for investors who:
- cannot trade the above ETF on their platform
- don't want/can't trade ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds)

The fund's trading currency is SEK and EUR, which means that the investor avoids the platforms' currency exchange.
The fund's management fee is 0.80%. In addition, the ETF's fee of 0.60% gives a total of 1.40% in management fee, the same as AuAg's three other daily traded funds.

Note that we believe that a direct investment in the ETF is a better investment due to its lower fee. The new fund, which is still 20 per cent cheaper than the world's largest gold mining fund, can only be seen as an additional opportunity for investors.

The fund's goal is to follow the Solactive AuAg ESG Gold Mining index. The index consists of shares issued by companies that are active in the gold mining industry and that have a low ESG risk rating. In order to include or exclude companies in the index, a quarterly rebalancing takes place that follows an ESG best-in-class strategy (BIC). This means that only the 25 companies with the lowest ESG risk rating are included in the index composition.

Here, you can find the underlying holdings and read more about the fund.