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Net Insight är verksamma inom telekommunikation. Bolaget är specialiserade inom utvecklingen av nätverksutrustningar. De tekniska lösningarna levereras på global nivå och utgår ifrån bolagets egenutvecklade plattform Nimbra. Kunderna återfinns inom telekombranschen och produkterna används huvudsakligen inom satelliter, DTT, kabel TV, IPTV, samt för OTT operatörer. Bolaget etablerades 1997 och har sitt huvudkontor i Stockholm.


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2019-07-18 15:40:00

Stockholm, Sweden – NEP Connect has selected Net Insight’s media transport solutions for a new live sports contribution network in the UK.

NEP Connect, an NEP Broadcast Services Company, is a leading provider of global critical connectivity services. The company is extending their Nimbra-based contribution network, called Anylive®, throughout the UK from Premier League stadiums to now include all 72 English Football League (EFL) venues. NEP Connect’s Anylive network now covers the top four football divisions in England and also connects major sports, music and entertainment venues including Wembley and The O2.

The Anylive® media network is based on Net Insight’s Nimbra MSR platform, which is placed at all stadiums for assured transmission with 100% Quality of Service. In the Championship League, the new Media Acceleration Module is used to provide high-quality low-latency JPEG2000 encoding for Remote Production. And at some stadiums the MSR is combined with Nimbra VA for MPEG4 encoding. NEP Connect will also deploy the new terabit capacity Nimbra 1060 at the core of its network. The robust, high bandwidth Anylive connectivity at the 72 venues will bring live coverage to millions of viewers.

David Meynell, Managing Director at NEP Connect explains,” We have an excellent relationship with Net Insight at all levels in the NEP Connect business and they are a trusted partner of ours. The support from Net Insight has allowed us to increase our Anylive network by a further 72 venues and enabled a phased transition to centralised production.”

“The operational efficiency and ease of use is why our customers continue to build their critical IP network expansions for the future,” says Henrik Sund, CEO of Net Insight. “It is great that we can support NEP Connect to extend their capabilities with a wide range of IP solutions.”

The order was won and delivered in Q2.

For further information, please contact:

Henrik Sund, CEO Net Insight AB, +46 8 685 04 00, henrik.sund@netinsight.net

About Net Insight

Net Insight is a global leader in media networks, resource optimization and streaming solutions. With more than 20 years’ experience, Net Insight is a trusted and important partner and a leading force in the media tech industry in creating a better media experience.

Net Insight is powering the evolving media business in a connected world where technology enables seamless meetings between producers, distributors and consumers of content – regardless of geographical location, technical resources or distribution network. With its deep market knowledge and insight, genuine customer focus and world-leading innovative technology, Net Insight makes it easier to create and deliver better content in a more reliable and effective way. Net Insight is driven by the idea that everything can always be done smarter, for both its customers and their customers.

More than 500 world-class customers run mission-critical media services using Net Insight’s solutions in more than 60 countries worldwide. Net Insight is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

For more information, please visit netinsight.net

Twitter: @NetInsight, twitter.com/NetInsight
LinkedIn: @Net Insight, www.linkedin.com/company/net-insight/

About NEP Connect

NEP Connect, an NEP Broadcast Services Company, has been delivering critical media content since 1989. The company’s rapidly growing international fibre network, Anylive®, connects over 220+ locations including broadcasters, major switching centres, channel aggregators, sports and entertainment venues.  NEP Connect operates two Network Operation Centres located in the UK, co-located with NEP Connect teleports, which supply extensive satellite facilities to complete the connectivity offering.  The company provides a full range of broadcast services from UHD to low bit rate streaming with data and audio transmission services also available.  This comprehensive fibre and satellite infrastructure forms a cohesive and robust portfolio, broadcasting over 200 hours of live transmissions worldwide every day supporting multiple contracted and occasional use events. Learn more at www.connect.live
NEP Connect is an integral part of the NEP Worldwide Network, offering robust broadcast services, media solutions and live events support to clients worldwide. To learn more about NEP Connect’s connectivity services, visit: www.nepgroup.com