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AcouSort är verksamma inom medicinteknik. Idag har bolaget en utvecklad plattformsteknologi inriktad mot akustofores, som med hjälp utav ultraljud separerar och analyserar biologiska cellers sammansättningar. Tekniken används huvudsakligen vid analys av cancerfall och sepsis (blodförgiftning). En stor del av forskningen sker i samarbete med övriga aktörer inom Life-Science. Bolaget etablerades under 2010 och har sitt huvudkontor i Lund.


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2021-10-27 08:30:00

AcouSort has received an order for an AcouTrap system from an existing South Korean customer within the Life Science sector. The customer bought their first AcouTrap in October 2019 and has now decided to purchase a second system. This system will be delivered during Q4 2021.

- It feels great to sell an additional system to one of our existing customers. We are very happy that they are pleased with the system, technology and support we have provided and that they see the need for a second system, which will be used within another branch of the organization, says AcouSort's CEO Torsten Freltoft.

This system will be the fourth AcouTrap placed in Asia. Apart from the customer now purchasing their second system, AcouSort sold an AcouTrap to its Japanese distributor Physio-Tech in early 2021. In 2020, AcouSort signed a collaboration agreement with a Korean company aiming to integrate the AcouTrap technology in a novel cancer diagnostics system. This company purchased an AcouTrap in late 2020.

For further information on AcouSort, please contact:

Torsten Freltoft, CEO
Telephone: +45 2045 0854
E-mail: torsten.freltoft@acousort.com

About AcouSort

AcouSort AB (corporate registration number 556824-1037) is an innovative technology company focusing on developing products and solutions for integrated preparation of biological samples. With the help of sound waves, the company's products can separate blood cells, concentrate, purify and stain cells, exosomes and bacteria from biological samples. The technology of the company's products is acoustofluidics, where sound waves and microfluidics enable automated handling of samples in a range of application areas, from research on new biomarkers to the development of new diagnostic systems for near-patient testing - so-called Point-of Care (POC) systems. The company's commercialization strategy is based on the already proven business model of providing separation modules to diagnostic system manufacturers for integrated sample preparation as well as to continue the commercialization of the company's research instruments. With the help of the company's products and development of point-of-care tests, new diagnostic systems and treatments are enabled, addressing some of the most challenging disease areas of our time: cancer, infectious diseases and cardiovascular diseases.