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Bio-Works Technologies är verksamma inom bioteknik. Bolaget utvecklar produkter som separerar och renar molekyler vid framställning av läkemedel. Teknologin baseras på kromatografi som har som avsikt att hantera läkemedelssubstansen. Kunderna återfinns inom den europeiska marknaden där produkterna säljs via distributionspartners och till bolag inom läkemedelsindustrin, samt forskningsinstitut och universitet. Bolaget bildades 2006 och har sitt huvudkontor i Uppsala.


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2020-10-28 01:00:00

Bio-Works Technologies (Nasdaq First North) has signed a Supply and Reference Customer Agreement with the Jiangsu province-headquartered BioInno Bioscience Co., Ltd. The agreement covers development of the mainland Chinese and Asian markets by jointly providing technical expertise in downstream processing application development that showcases product benefits.

Bio-Works is deepening its commitments in China and across Asia, by entering a second Supply and Reference Customer agreement with a local CDMO, BioInno Bioscience Co Ltd, located in the outskirts of Suzhou, Jiangsu province. By leveraging their customer network, bringing the latest in agarose-based chromatography resin technology to the rapidly increasing bioprocessing demand from local biopharma companies developing innovative biologics, BioInno is well-positioned not only to service Chinese customers but also clients across Asia.

There are currently many well-financed biotech drug development companies in China, with excellent R&D capabilities, which have a need for the bioprocess expertise that the Bio-Works/BioInno collaboration can provide for scale-up and manufacturing.

Bio-Works proprietary agarose resins, WorkBeads™, have a wide variety of functionalities: WorkBeads affimAb for protein A based affinity, WorkBeads 40Q, WorkBeads 40S and WorkBeads 40 TREN for ion-exchange, WorkBeads 40/100/1000/10000 SEC for size exclusion and WorkBeads 40 IDA , WorkBeads 40 NTA and WorkBeads NiMAC for immobilised metal ion affinity chromatography. They are specifically developed with commercial scale manufacturing in mind. WorkBeads, with stronger and more rigid agarose beads, generally offer faster mass transport, higher yields and higher purity at a lower price than competitors.  

"Bio-Works is impressed by BioInno's founders' skills, network and ambitious plans for the future. It is great to find a well-financed CDMO with a large number of collaborations and similar strategic thinking to ourselves, as well as a recognition of the innovative approach that Bio-Works takes towards large scale chromatography with products such as WorkBeads affiMab and the NiMAC resin," says Mr Jonathan Royce, Bio-Works' CEO.

BioInno Bioscience Co., Ltd is a newly established CDMO founded by several bioprocessing veterans: Dr Xiaojian David Zhao, CEO and Chairman of the board with upstream bioprocessing expertise, Dr Scott Wheelwright, COO and downstream bioprocessing expert who came to China twelve years ago and Dr Rolf G Werner as CTO. Dr Wheelwright was one of the co-founders of Innovent, a very successful Chinese biopharma company, while Dr Werner has held senior positions in Boehringer-Ingleheim Pharma for many years.

"BioInno is pleased to partner with Bio-Works for the benefit of our clients," says Dr Scott Wheelwright,  COO of BioInno Bioscience Co., Ltd.  "Our goal is to provide the best technology and expertise to our clients through partnerships with the leading developers of chromatography media and other new developments."

About Bio-Works

Bio-Works designs, develops, manufactures and supplies innovative leading-edge agarose products for chromatographic separation of proteins, peptides and other biomolecules. Bio-Works' agarose based high performance products are used for purification in the life science research phases as well as the commercial production of biopharmaceuticals and diagnostic products in large scale. The products are sold globally with our own organization and via distributors. The Bio-Works' headquarter with R&D and manufacturing is located in Uppsala Business Park in Uppsala, Sweden and the company processes and a Quality Management System follows the standards of ISO 9001:2015. The company's share is listed on Nasdaq First North. FNCA Sweden AB, +46 (0) 8-528 00 399, info@fnca.se,is appointed Certified Adviser. www.bio-works.com

About BioInno Bioscience

BioInno Bioscience provides development and manufacturing services for hard-to-manufacture and cost-sensitive biopharmaceuticals, including monoclonal and biospecific antibodies, other recombinant proteins, and cell and gene therapies.  BioInno supports many clients in China, Asia and around the world and works with partners that provide leading expertise and technology to enable our clients to benefit from global leaders of new materials and techniques.  BioInno is also a leading provider of cell culture media manufactured in China for local use.  Laboratories in Suzhou provide solutions to many difficult problems faced by clients who are developing novel biopharmaceutical products.  For more information visit www.bioinnobio.com