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Brain+ är verksamma inom läkemedelsbranschen. Bolaget är specialiserade inom forskning och utveckling för behandling av demens och alzheimers. Produktportföljen inkluderar exempelvis kognitiv stimuleringsterapi. Utöver huvudverksamheten erbjuds även service och tillhörande kringtjänster. Verksamheten drivs med störst närvaro inom Europa.
2022-10-12 08:00:00
Copenhagen, Denmark, October 12, 2022 - Brain+ A/S (Nasdaq First North: BRAINP)
  • Rox Health has approved the German version of Brain+'s first digital dementia product, CST-Therapist Companion, for commercial launch  
  • Meeting this milestone unlocks access for Brain+ to additional expert resources in the Rox Health/Roche organization and triggers a minor milestone payment
  • The next milestones will be product launch in Germany, targeted for Q2 2023, and getting the first German customers
  • The German market for digital dementia therapeutics is estimated at €400 million.

Brain+, a pioneer in the development of digital therapeutics for Alzheimer's disease and dementia, has met the first of three milestones in its partnership with Rox Health, the digital venture builder of Roche Germany The partnership was initiated in December 2021 with the objective to co-develop and commercialization Brain+'s portfolio of digital Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) products in Germany.

The first milestone is the delivery and approval by Rox Health of a full German version of CST-Therapist Companion, which is the first of the CST products, Brain+ has in development. The next milestone under the partnership will be a product launch in the German market, which is planned for Q2 2023. A third milestone will be the sale to the first customers in the estimated €400 million market for digital dementia therapeutics in Germany.

Kim Baden-Kristensen, Co-founder and CEO, Brain+: "The approval by Rox Health brings us a big step closer to the planned launch of CST-Therapist Companion on the German market. The milestone is also evidence of Brain+'s ability to partner effectively with established pharma players to bring new innovative therapeutics efficiently to the market. Open access to the know-how of the Rox Health and Roche Germany organizations has tremendous value to a relatively small company like ours in achieving our big ambitions, and it is collaborations like these that make us succeed."

Dr. Nikos Green, Senior Venture Architect & PO Neuroscience, Rox Health: "The collaboration with Brain+ is effective and enjoyable, bringing the best of both worlds to the table. The great unmet clinical need in dementia still stands unanswered and we still see a big need for solutions like the ones we are working on with Brain+. We believe that an ecosystem approach to Alzheimer's and dementia is needed, and we believe digital therapeutics will play an important role."

Reimbursement in Germany is next

The initial sales model for the CST-Therapist Companion is a B2B subscription-based SaaS model and is initially paid for by individual clinics and care homes. In parallel with beginning the sales effort, Brain+ and Rox Health will be working to establish Brain+ products as reimbursable digital therapeutics at a national healthcare level in Germany, focusing initially on the CST-Therapist Companion, and the following product, CST-Home Care. This means that these products will be covered by healthcare funds across all of Germany. Reimbursement of these products is achieved by taking the product through the new reimbursement pathway for digital care applications, DIPA ("Digitale Pflegeanwendungen"). Getting reimbursed via DIPA sets strict product quality requirements, and the Brain+ CST products are being developed in accordance with these strict requirements. Reimbursement will enable faster adoption of the CST products and allow more widespread market penetration. DIPA supports reimbursement of up to €600 per year.

Contact Information

CEO, Kim Baden-Kristensen + 45 31393317, E-mail: kim@brain-plus.com,Brain+ A/S, Købmagergade 53, 3.


The mission of Brain+ is to make effective dementia treatments accessible to everyone as digital therapeutics. A stated strategy of Brain+ is to do so via partnerships, especially with pharma partners where the potential for digital companion products and combination treatments represents a big opportunity. The Brain+ technologies, combined with a strong clinical pipeline, put Brain+ in a strong position to grow towards a market leader position in the Digital Therapeutics (DTx) space.

About RoX Health

RoX Health is a digital health innovation studio rooted in Roche that turns ideas into healthcare businesses and encourages greater initiative in the healthcare industry. It is a subsidiary of the German Roche organization and focuses on digital health solutions in neurology, oncology, and women's health.