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Tobii är verksamma inom IT-sektorn. Bolaget utvecklar tekniska lösningar för eye-tracking, som gör det möjligt för datorer att veta vart användaren tittar. Olika lösningar som bolaget utvecklar är för närvarande kommunikationslösningar för personer med rörelsehinder eller kommunikationssvårigheter, samt tillhörande utrustning inom arbetsområdet. Kunderna återfinns huvudsakligen inom vård och omsorg, forskningsinstitut, samt bland aktörer inom fordonsindustrin. Huvudkontoret ligger i Danderyd.


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2021-10-22 16:15:00

Tobii, the world leader in eye tracking and pioneer in attention computing, announced today its partnership with Pimax Innovation, a direct-to-consumer technology company specializing in advanced virtual reality (VR) hardware products. 

The partnership will make eye tracking a standard feature and implement dynamic foveated rendering in the upcoming generation of Pimax's high-end headsets. With Tobii eye tracking, users can have an embodied presence, stay comfortably in different worlds for long hours, and immerse themselves in the most natural way. This brings the full potential of the Metaverse close to consumers. 

"We are excited by the opportunity to, together with Pimax, help push the boundaries for state-of-the-art and truly immersive VR experiences," said Johan Hellqvist, VP of XR at Tobii. "Our first collaboration on premium VR headsets for consumers is an important milestone in our path to mass market adoption, and it confirms Tobii's leadership position for extended-reality (XR) market."

"Tobii's proven track record in deploying eye tracking in the VR head-mounted display (HMDs) market makes it the best partner to work with on our direct-to-consumer products," said Robin Weng, founder and chairman of Pimax. "Its eye-tracking solution enables Pimax to create more powerful devices and immersive experiences in the Metaverse, where users have a strong sense of presence and enjoy themselves naturally in boundless ways."

To learn more about Tobii's offerings within VR and augmented reality (AR), please visit Tobii VR | Eye Tracking Technology in Virtual Reality (https://vr.tobii.com/). To learn more details about Pimax, please visit Pimax.com.

Tobii expects limited revenue in 2022 from the partnership with Pimax but sees attractive long-term potential in the partnership. In addition, it provides further evidence of eye tracking as a foundational technology in the future of XR headsets. It shows that Tobii is a preferred partner for some of the most innovative companies in the industry.