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Northbaze Group designar, utvecklar och säljer musikhörlurar för användning med mobila musikenheter såsom för iPhone, iPod, MP3-spelare, mobiltelefoner, spelkonsoler och övriga elektroniska produkter. Utöver säljs mobila tillbehör som kablar och adaptrar. Produkterna säljs under eget varumärke på global nivå via distributörer. Bolaget grundades 2006 och har idag sitt huvudkontor i Göteborg.


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2020-09-16 08:30:00

General press release 

Swedish lifestyle and audio product developer JAYS introduce their third True Wireless model and their first with “drop style” design, f-Five True Wireless. Focusing on the fit and the quality of calls, the f-Five True Wireless is developed to simplify everyday life. 

Without cables, a supreme call quality and a perfect fit, the aim with f-Five True Wireless is to make everyday life a little easier. “As always with our products we aim to simplify life for our users. The focus for the product team when developing the f-Five has been the freedom aspect. We wanted to create a true wireless earbud that you can keep in your ears throughout the day. In order to do so you need a comfortable fit and a well performing microphone. A lot of work has been put into making sure we deliver on our promises. I’m proud to say that we are very happy with the result” says Fredrik Sjölander Product Development Manager.

The True Wireless category is what currently is driving the headphone market. It has become the most important category for the majority of the headphone brands. “Even if the True Wireless space is getting crowded with a lot of different models it is very difficult to find an entry level model with a microphone that actually works for phone calls. This is something we have been focusing on when developing f-Five. It is a model you can use for both calls and music but still at an attractive price.”  Henrik Andersson, CEO Northbaze Group says. 

The f-Five True Wireless will be available in stores in middle of September. For more details please visist www.jaysheadphones.com 

Some details and functions of f-Five True Wireless: 

  •  Integrated microphone
  •  16 hours total playtime
  •  Voice Control 
  •  Touch controls
  •  Bluetooth 5.0 
  •  USB-C

f-Five True Wireless MSRP                                    
SEK 799                                                                                             
USD 79                              
EUR 79                                                   
GBP 69                                                   

For further information, please contact:
Henrik Andersson, CEO 
Mobile: +46 761 99 35 55 
Email: henrik@jaysheadphones.com

About Northbaze Group AB (Publ).

Northbaze Group is a publicly listed company on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Jays brand was founded in 2006 with a vision that everyone should have the opportunity to experience great sound and designs. The Group develop, design, producing and promotes own brand and products within ”Audio & Sound” and “Smart Mobility” for chosen markets globally and online. The developed product range is marketed under brands such as Jays Headphones, Jays Speakers, Clint Audio, CLINT® Digital, Krusell, Pagalli, Walk on Water and KAVAJ. The Group also develops and manufactures products for other reputable brands on an OEM basis. Northbaze Group currently operates in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, and in Thailand, where its 100% owned production facility is located.

Within “Audio & Sound” division, where Jays Headphones includes, the group acquired in 2019 the Danish award-winning audio brand Clint Digital in purpose to expand into the Smart Speaker area. The Group has in 2018 expanded into the “Smart Mobility” vertical with the acquisition of KRUSELL AB with a brand legacy of designing and manufacturing high-quality mobile accessories since 1991 with a strong dedication and Nordic appeal in this area. The German e-commerce company, KAVAJ was acquired and integrated in the Group during April 2019 in purpose to strengthen the Group's online presence through primarily Amazon and other online marketplaces.

In 2017 Northbaze Group announced the new Group strategy, a strong organic growth with profitability in combination with acquisition-driven growth within the audio segment and other close related verticals within consumer electronics such as smart-connectivity and mobile products. The Northbaze Group has a strategy plan to make several acquisitions coming years with the objective to diversify and create a strong company group with a focus on long-term profitable growth. 

Northbaze Group´s long-term financial targets is to have annual growth in net sales of 20 percent with a profit of minimum 10 percent EBITDA margin and an equity ratio (solidity) over 30 percent. The Group has as target to increase the sales within B2C as well as online with approximately 10% per year, during the three upcoming years, and at the same time the offer’s though retail will be strengthened. The company does not publish forecasts and will not present updated detailed forecasts to the market.

Northbaze Group AB (publ) is a public company listed at Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Certified Adviser is Partner Fondkommission AB with email-address info@partnerfk.se and phone + 46 31 761 22 30.