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2020-11-10 Årsstämma 2020
2020-09-30 18:45:37
Bermuda, 30 September 2020 – ATDL has executed a leadership transition following the retirement of Chief Executive Officer, Kerry Kunz. Kerry’s leadership with ATDL started in 2007 as one of the founders of BassDrill, later renamed Atlantica Tender Drilling. Over the next several months Kerry will remain connected in an advisory capacity to assist with the transition. The company would like to sincerely thank Kerry for his many years of service and wishes him all the best in his new endeavours. 

Mr. Mike Cadigan has been appointed CEO and COO effective October 01, 2020. Mr. Cadigan has been a key member of the ATDL team since 2015 and has been instrumental in ensuring safe and profitable operations over these past 5 years.

Mr. Reese McNeel will assume the role as Deputy CEO and CFO.

For further information, please contact:
Reese McNeel
Atlantica Tender Drilling Ltd.
+47 415 08 186