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Acast är verksamma inom teknikbranschen. Bolaget erbjuder en plattform för podcasts. Plattformens infrastruktur ger tillgång till ett globalt nätverk av anslutna annonsörer och podcast-skapare. Erbjudandet inkluderar dynamisk och målinriktad annonsinsättning i podcast-avsnitt, baserat på lyssnarens egenskaper som härrör från analys av aggregerad data. Acast är verksamma på en global nivå med huvudkontor i Stockholm. Bolaget grundades 2014.


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Acast, one of the most eminent podcast platforms, has today renewed its podcast arrangement with the BBC. The deal means that Acast will continue to monetise BBC podcasts through advertising outside of the UK.

Acast and the BBC first started working together in 2018, when the BBC first opened up advertising space in its podcasts internationally. Since then, Acast and the BBC have worked to increase the number of listeners as well as the revenue for the BBC's impressive podcast portfolio, which covers news, drama, factual and entertainment. During this period, the BBC has launched over 300 new shows and Acast has helped to position the BBC as one of the world's leading podcast producers.
The new three-year agreement covers all BBC podcasts available outside of the UK and will see Acast support the broadcaster to further grow its podcast audience and revenue in key markets, including the US.
Jonathan Wall, Controller of BBC Sounds, said: “We know how much people enjoy listening to the BBC’s trusted news, brilliant entertainment podcasts and radio programmes around the world. It’s also vital that we bring revenue back to the BBC on behalf of the licence fee payer so we can invest in more valued content for our audience, so it’s great to be continuing to work with Acast to achieve that.”
“The BBC began producing podcasts in 2004, long before Acast even existed — it truly is the original podcasting powerhouse. It’s been a very strong three years for its podcast business, and for Acast, and we’ve both been at the heart of an industry that has grown exponentially during that time. To renew our partnership for another term is a real endorsement of Acast’s people, our technology and our vision, and we look forward to supporting the BBC as a global podcasting player for many years to come”, said Acast CEO, Ross Adams