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eEducation Albert är verksamma inom teknik- och utbildningsbranschen. Bolaget tillhandahåller en app-baserad utbildningsplattform för barn i åldersintervallen 3 –16 år med målsättningen att erbjuda barn en skräddarsydd läroupplevelse. Bolaget erbjuder digitala utbildningstjänster på prenumerationsbasis, där övningarna är anpassade till skolans läroplan. Exempel på ämnen som går att studera är modersmål, matte och geografi. Bolaget är verksamt i Europa. Bolaget har sitt huvudkontor i Göteborg.
2022-02-22 08:00:00

eEducation Albert, a leading Nordic EdTech player, is launching its offering aimed at adolescents between the ages of 10-16 years, under the brand Albert Teen in the UK. The platform will contain extensive and curriculum-adapted content for subjects such as mathematics, physics and biology, and will also be rolled out in other markets as localisation is completed.

In November last year, Albert acquired the IP rights related to Stairway Learning, which gave the company the opportunity to offer its customers a wider range of content, primarily aimed at adolescents between 10-16 years old. After having integrated both platforms Albert is now launching Albert Teen, which offers customers a wider range of curriculum-adapted subjects, such as mathematics, physics and biology.

Arta Mandegari and Salman Eskandari, founders of Albert, said: “It is very exciting to now be able to offer a broader offer aimed at an older age group, something we know has been in demand among customers. That we start in the UK is no coincidence - it is an important market for Albert and we see good opportunities to strengthen our position with this offer.”

Arta Mandegari and Salman Eskandari continue: ”In this context, we are also proud of the rapid integration of Stairway Learning's content into our platform. It would have taken much longer and become significantly more expensive to develop similar content from scratch, which shows the possibilities of continuing to acquire good products in Europe. We look forward to further developing the platform and to continue to expand with content via more acquisitions in the future”.

Albert Teen will first be offered in the British market and in time it will also be launched in all Albert's markets in line with the ambition to provide an equal offer in all markets. Albert Geo and language learning will also be integrated into the platform during the year. Based on experience from the offer in Sweden, which covers all age categories up to 16 years, the company expects that Albert Teen will get more users to opt for the Standard and Plus subscriptions.