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Ekobot är ett teknikbolag inriktade mot jordbruksindustrin. Bolaget är en utvecklare av robotik och AI- lösningar som vidare används för automation inom jordbruksproduktion med särskilt fokus på grönsaksodling. Robotarna används för ogräsbekämpning och leasas ut till kund under en längre tidsperiod. Utöver huvudverksamheten erbjuds teknisk support och installation på plats. Störst verksamhet återfinns inom Nederländerna och den nordiska marknaden och bolaget har huvudkontor i Västerås.
2023-10-24 08:58:00

Ekobot has commenced the validation process of its in-house developed autonomous implement carrying robot. The new robot platform is currently undergoing testing and validation at Brunnby Gård, just outside Västerås. The initial validation confirms that the precision in navigation and positioning of the in-house developed robot platform is at least equivalent to the previously purchased platforms.

On August 21, 2023, Ekobot announced an updated strategy, emphasizing increased focus on sales through local distributors, along with the goal of achieving a market share of five percent within the EU by 2030. This strategic update also encompasses the development of an in-house implement carrying robot, expected to reduce unit costs, and offer a tailored solution designed to meet Ekobot's specific requirements. This not only accelerates market expansion but also ensures product reliability while reducing the need for servicing.

These adjustments do not alter the company's fundamental direction or focus. Ekobot's core competency remains software and artificial intelligence for the control of the company's intelligent tool systems and tool-carrying robots, all aimed at supporting agriculture's transition towards better resource utilization, increased sustainability, and higher yields.

Ekobot's intelligent tool system for automated mechanical weed control forms the foundation of the company's offering. This system replaces both environmentally harmful pesticides and manual labour for weed control. Now, Ekobot can also offer the market an in-house and customized autonomous implement carrier, paving the way for increased precision farming and a faster transition to a more sustainable agriculture.

Tomas Täuber, CTO at Ekobot, commented on the results: It is exciting to see our in-house implement carrier robot in operation and confirm that our high standards for accurate field navigation have been met. Additionally, our platform is more agricultural and easier to produce, providing cost advantages both in system manufacturing and operation.

Ekobot's intelligent tool system for weed management has been in operation in commercial farms in Sweden and the Netherlands since the spring of 2022. For the 2024 growing season, Ekobot will deliver complete weed robots to key customers and distributors, primarily in Sweden and the Netherlands.