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Enersize är ett finskt IT-bolag som utvecklar mjukvara för diverse datainsamling och analys. Tjänsterna används i industriella tryckluftssystem, med målet att öka energibesparingen hos företagets kunder. Kunderna återfinns i en rad olika branscher såsom bilindustrin, stål, samt elektronikbranschen. Bolaget är verksamt över hela världen. Enersize grundades år 2010 och har sitt huvudkontor i Ulvila.


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2021-04-16 08:35:00

Enersize Advanced Research AB (“Enersize” or the “Company”) receives its first order from Morocco through the local partner SCOPP Solutions SARLAU Capital 100.000DH (“SCOPP Solutions”). The order is for the first step in a three-step sales model so the order value is limited to about 3 kEUR, but the order is anyway a confirmation that the hard work by SCOPP Solutions is bearing fruit.

Enersize’s Compressed Air Services in the cloud contains all the services needed to identify energy efficiency improvements in industrial compressed air systems. Enersize signed a partnership with SCOPP Solutions in January 2021 and since then SCOPP Solutions has started to offer energy efficiency services on the Moroccan market based on the usage of Compressed Air Services. At present more than 20 quotes have been sent out and SCOPP has set a very ambitious goal of 30 new customers during 2021. This order is the first and therefore marks an important milestone for the partnership.

The sales model SCOPP Solutions is working with uses the Enersize three step process with commercial validation between each step.

  1. Xray Without disturbing the production, Enersize’s centralized panel of experts can, in a scientific way, determine the savings potential and create a detailed action plan.
  2. Xecute If the savings potential is there, use efficient systems to reduce leakages temporarily and verify energy savings with a second Xray.
  3. Xcel Institutionalize addressing energy saving potentials in the compressed air system for years and years to come. Perform energy optimization, get the compressed air system under control and avoid unwanted surprises. Analysing trends enables preventive maintenance.

“I am glad to run the first compressed air services project in Morocco with Enersize. This is a major milestone that results from promoting Enersize services & expertise in the Moroccan Industrial market. Now we aspire to deliver our customer promise with regard to energy savings. We are looking forward to making many success stories, says Achraf Zerhouni, CEO of SCOPP Solutions

SCOPP Solutions is the first partner we have started working with completely remotely, due to Covid-19, and I am happy to see that in spite of the travel restrictions we can startup new business in Morocco, says Anders Sjögren, CEO of Enersize

More about SCOPP Solutions
SCOPP Solutions is a Moroccan company established in 2013. The company delivers consulting services in North Africa in Many sectors: Petrolium, Cement, Steel, Automotive & Agribusiness.

SCOPP Solution’s strategy has been reviewed during 2020 Covid-19 lockdown to focus on digital energy efficiency solutions. The company has set new partnerships and started promoting those since September 2020. Despite Covid restrictions and the economic downturn, the company has been receiving positive response from the market showing a good fit for the new services to industrial energy efficiency challenges.