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Gubra är ett läkemedelsbolag. Bolagets verksamhet är fokuserad på de tidiga stadierna av läkemedelsutveckling. De driver huvudsakligen forskning och utveckling inom området för metabola och fibrotiska sjukdomar.. Bolagets produktportfölj innefattar ett flertal varumärken och läkemedel, och verksamheten bedrivs på global nivå, med störst närvaro inom Nordamerika och Norden. Huvudkontoret ligger i Hørsholm, Danmark.
2023-10-24 07:30:00

Gubra announces that it is opening its first US office on Kendall Square in Boston, the epicenter for the pharma and biotech community on the US East Coast. With more than half of the company’s CRO revenue generated in the US, Gubra wishes to be close to this important customer segment. The new Boston office is part of Gubra’s strategic ambition to expand its global footprint.

In the first half of 2023, the US market constituted more than half of Gubra’s CRO revenue. The company now sees an opportunity to strengthen and expand its ties to the US market and to be part of the flourishing scientific and technological hub in Boston.

“Boston offers a unique and strong biotech ecosystem. It is home to numerous pharma and biotech companies, as well as universities which not only provide access to cutting-edge research, but also offer opportunities for close collaborations. Therefore, Boston is an ideal location for a company like ours looking to expand in the United States,” says Chief Business Officer at Gubra Trine Nygaard Hamann.

The US office will focus on promoting services and solutions within Gubra’s business arm concerning contract research services, as well as engage in collaboration discussions related to the company’s Discovery & Partnership business.

Trine Nygaard Hamann is heading Sales & Marketing at Gubra comprising a team of pre-clinical scientific experts in metabolic and fibrotic diseases and early-stage drug development. Today, the team has strong ties to the company’s existing US-based customers, but there is still a lot of business potential for Gubra to capture in this vibrant and constantly developing ecosystem.

“Gubra’s services within obesity, NASH, lung, and kidney diseases are in high demand, and having feet on the ground in the US enable us to be more accessible and adapt faster to the needs of our US-based customers and partners. Being a preferred provider of contract research services is all about building long lasting relationships and therefore proximity matters,” Trine explains.