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Initiator Pharma är verksamma inom bioteknik. Idag innehas störst affärsinriktning mot utveckling av läkemedelskandidater som används vid behandling av erektil dysfunktion hos män. Bolaget har för tillfället läkemedel under testning i klinisk fas för patienter som inte svarar på PDE5i läkemedel. Initiator Pharma kom till via en spin-off från Saniona och har idag sitt huvudkontor i Åbyhøj.
2023-08-09 08:30:00

Initiator Pharma A/S, a clinical-stage pharma company developing innovative drugs targeting key unmet medical needs within the central and peripheral nervous system, announced today that the European Patent Office (“EPO”) has granted the company’s patent application for the product candidate IP2018, targeting monoamine reuptake transporters.

The patent granted by the EPO as EP 4009942 B1 concerns the company’s product candidate IP2018 for treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Depression. The granted patent confers protection in Europe until 2040. Corresponding patents have previously been granted in Israel and South Africa, and applications are pending in a large number of additional territories such as, the US, Japan and China.

We are excited to receive grant of this medical use patent, which extends the protection for IP2018 and strengthens the exclusivity for our drug pipeline. We expect that the important grant in Europe will play an essential role in the future commercialization strategy for IP2018,” says Claus Elsborg Olesen, CEO at Initiator Pharma. “