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Intellego Technologies är verksamt inom fotokrom indikatorteknik. Bolaget levererar fotokroma bläck som utformar visuella indikatorer som gör det möjligt att se effekterna av osynligt ultraviolett ljus. Bläcket ändrar färg baserat på exponering för ultraviolett bestrålning eller specifika ämnen. Produkterna används primärt av OEM-tillverkare och används i branschapplikationer runt om i världen. Intellego Technologies grundades 2011 och har sitt huvudkontor i Stockholm.
2024-02-06 15:31:00

Intellego (publ) (”Intellego” or ”The Company”) has secured a line of credit from existing lenders, a network of private investors which are shareholders and a government controlled lender focusing on growth capital, of up to 40 million SEK, anticipating significant near term growth in addition to the already communicated 2024 goals.

The credit agreement was preceded by a due diligence process where Intellego’s financial accounting, contracts, and cash flow, among other things, were reviewed in detail by the lenders and their legal and accounting advisors.

As communicated earlier, Intellego is close to launching a global new product together with a leading multinational company, and Intellego expects other new product launches to follow. The credit line will enable Intellego to finance the new ventures and continue to grow together with its business partners and build the organization required to manage these global markets. The credit line is expected to be financed from cash flow generated by the business.

The funds from the credit line will primarily be used for organic growth but can also be used for expansion through future acquisitions. Intellego can draw from the credit line and is not obligated to assume the whole credit unless the company decides to do so. For the drawn amount there is a set-up fee and an interest rate of 9,5 percent plus STIBOR. Both the set-up fee and interest rate are in line with Intellegos existing loans and determined to be in line with market terms.