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LifeClean International är verksamt inom kemiindustrin. Bolaget är en producent av desinfektionslösningar. Exempel på produkter inkluderar desinfektion för eliminering av svamp, biofilmer, bakterier och virus. Produkterna används inom en rad olika omgivningar som exempelvis offentlig sektor, sjukhus samt bland kommersiella lokaler och restauranger. Kunderna består huvudsakligen av företag och organisationer. Störst närvaro återfinns inom den nordiska marknaden.
2024-01-12 08:30:00

LifeClean International AB (publ), a leading provider of cleaning and hygiene solutions, is pleased to announce a new distribution deal with Arxada, a global leader in science-based specialty chemicals. Under this agreement, Arxada will purchase LifeClean's disinfection products and distribute them under their own brand name as an independent contractor. The partnership grants Arxada exclusivity for a term of five years, to commercialize and distribute within the European healthcare market to the following countries: European Union, Switzerland, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and Ukraine. This mutually advantageous agreement allows LifeClean to increase distribution by gaining entry to new markets, fostering future growth and development.

“Arxada is an ideal partner for LifeClean as they are industry leaders in the area of disinfection and have established expertise in regulatory and sales channels within relevant supply chains targeting European healthcare. This partnership will be able us to reach a large number of customers in a most cost-effective way”, says Anders Lundström, Interim CEO of LifeClean International AB.

“We are pleased to join forces with LifeClean on this exciting collaboration,” says Uwe Holland, BU Head of Europe Professional Hygiene, Arxada. Our customers in Hygiene are looking for safe, efficacious, and fully compliant solutions for infection prevention. In partnership with LifeClean, Arxada extends its already expansive Microbial Control Solutions portfolio with LifeClean’s complementary and highly effective disinfection technology. We are excited to provide our customers with an additional, differentiated solution, bringing products to market that help make our world healthier.”

The distribution deal between LifeClean and Arxada is expected to drive growth and strengthen positions in the global hygiene industry. Both companies are committed to delivering exceptional products and services that prioritize health, safety, and sustainability.

The Company’s Certified Adviser is Vator Securities AB | 08-580 065 99 | ca@vatorsec.se

About Arxada:
Arxada is a global science-based specialty chemicals business creating innovative chemistry and solutions. With customers in more than 100 countries, it achieved sales of Chf 2.4 billion in 2022. The company aims to solve the world’s toughest preservation challenges by enhancing sustainability with cleaner, greener solutions. Arxada focuses on multiple end-markets, primarily in: Human Health & Nutrition, Home & Personal Care, Paints & Coatings and Wood Protection, providing a broad portfolio of differentiated products and solutions, supported by its science and innovation capabilities, in-depth regulatory know-how and track record in manufacturing and process development. Headquartered in Basel (Switzerland), the company’s 3,600 employees contribute to the success of its customers, spanning 24 production sites and 14 R&D centers.

To learn more about Arxada, please visit: arxada.com and Arxada on LinkedIn.