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2023-01-17 16:00:00

Estimates compiled by Modular Finance on behalf of Avanza Bank Holding.

Number of contributors: 10 (of which all estimates have been updated in the last 2 weeks, estimates older than 3 months have been excluded).

KPIQ4 2022E
Net brokerage income (MSEK)213
Fund commissions, net (MSEK)138
Currency-related income, net (MSEK)73
Net interest income (MSEK)338
Other income, net (MSEK)66
Operating income (MSEK)828
Operating expenses (MSEK)-297
Operating profit before credit losses (MSEK)531
Operating profit (MSEK)531
Tax (MSEK)-82
Net profit (MSEK)449

More consensus estimates can be found on Avanza’s webpage: https://investors.avanza.se/en/ir/share/consensus-estimates/

Avanza Bank Holding’s Q4 report will be released on Friday 20 January at 07.45 CET.