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IndustriLäkemedel & Handel
Newbury Pharmaceuticals är verksamt inom läkemedelsbranschen. Bolaget utvecklar en pipeline av egenutvecklade och licensierade produkter med fokus på specialläkemedel inom områden som onkologi, sällsynta sjukdomar och neurologi. Bolaget bedriver sin verksamhet inom den skandinaviska marknaden. Newbury Pharmaceuticals grundades 2020 och har sitt huvudkontor i Lund.
2022-01-31 16:45:00

Due to the planned listing on Nasdaq First North Growth Market, Newbury Pharmaceuticals AB (publ) ("Newbury" or "the Company") has today prepared a supplementary document which is available on Newbury's website, www.newburypharma.com.

The supplementary document contains certain information regarding the capitalization structure, net indebtedness and ownership structure related to Newbury and reflects the Company after the new share issue (the "Offer"). The supplementary document also contains some additional information which means that Newbury meets the requirements set out in the Nasdaq First North Rulebook.

The supplementary document shall be read as a supplement to the prospectus that the Company published on January 11, 2022, in connection with the Offer. The supplementary document is not a prospectus, has not been reviewed or approved by any supervisory authority and does not contain any offer of shares or other financial instruments.

Newbury has previously received a preliminary and conditional notice from Nasdaq that the Company meets the listing requirements, with customary conditions and reservations. The first day of trading on Nasdaq First North Growth Market is scheduled for February 4, 2022, under the short name NEWBURY.