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Paxman är verksamt inom skalpkylning, som används för patienter som behandlas för cytostatika. Bolagets produkt Paxman Scalp Cooler används för att minimera håravfallet hos patienten under behandlingens gång. Scalp Coolern är en fristående, mobil och eldriven kylenhet som kyler ner patientens hårbotten via en kylmössa. Paxman grundades 1996 och har idag sitt huvudkontor i Karlshamn.
2022-12-28 08:00:00

Paxman AB is pleased to announce that it has retained Arrowhead Business and Investment Decisions, LLC. ("Arrowhead") to provide investor relations services to the Company and develop its international market awareness.

Arrowhead will advise Paxman on its international capital markets strategy and has been engaged to, among other matters, (i) expand the following of the Company and the involvement of the investment community in its equity story; (ii) advise on messaging and review and revise corporate materials; (iii) provide independent perspective and valuation on the company; and (iv) assist with long-term investor relationship management. Arrowhead will work closely with Paxman to develop and deploy a comprehensive international investor marketing program, which will include the publication of independent analysis, investor targeting, corporate disclosure distribution, a featuring on the Arrowhead investor platform (www.arrowhead.bid), the production of investor video presentations, non-deal roadshows, reporting and strategic advisory.

Arrowhead (www.arrowheadbid.com) is headquartered in New York City and was founded in 2008. Arrowhead advises public companies on investor relations, financial communications, and capital markets strategies. As a cross-border specialist, Arrowhead provides idea generation, insight, and corporate access to an international network of institutional and private investors. Through targeting, research and interactions, Arrowhead helps corporations and investors to evaluate opportunities, connect, exchange information, and transact.

“We are delighted to engage Arrowhead and think they are the right partner to help expand the reach of our investor relations program as we continue to develop and grow our business in the USA and other key markets around the World as well embark on our exciting clinical trials for the Paxman Cryocompression device for the prevention of chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy" said Richard Paxman, CEO of Paxman.

Thomas Renaud, Managing Director at Arrowhead added: “These are key years for Paxman, as the company pursues the commercialization of its cryotherapy solutions throughout global markets. The As it scales up unit deliveries and revenue, the company appears poised for further growth. We are very excited to partner with Paxman and collaborate with Richard and his team to make the company better known within the North American and international investment community. We believe many investors will find the information we provide on Paxman valuable and we aim to significantly increase investor engagement in 2023 and beyond.”

For more information on Arrowhead, please visit arrowheadbid.com and/or contact:

Thomas Renaud
Managing Director
42 Broadway, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10004
Office: +1 212 619-6889