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Q-linea är verksamma inom medicinteknik. Bolaget är specialiserade inom forskning och utveckling av instrument och förbrukningsartiklar. Produkterna används huvudsakligen vid behandling av infektionssjukdomar och blodförgiftning, och innefattar diagnostik- och analysverktyg, samt övrig grundläggande provhantering. Tekniken baseras på den så kallade ID- samt AST tekniken. Bolaget grundades 2008 och har sitt huvudkontor i Uppsala.


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2020-11-10 10:30:00

Q-linea AB (publ) (OMX: QLINEA), today announced that the company has started the development of a portable blood culture technology with the goal of shortening the time from sampling to correct antibiotic response. The plan is to begin an external evaluation in 2021.

“Being able to start the diagnosis immediately after sampling and using the transport time for analysis instead of throwing it away feels extremely valuable. The technology means both saved hours in the workflow and enables improved and equivalent care regardless of when and where the sample is taken", says Jonas Jarvius, CEO of Q-linea.

When diagnosing patients with blood infections, the time to a correct treatment is crucial and can provide great benefits for patients, hospitals and society. In recent years, the time to obtain an answer as to which bacterium has caused the infection has been radically shortened. As bacteria show more antibiotic resistance, the need for the same change in determining which antibiotic is effective increases. Q-linea's ASTar® system will be able to provide a quick and wide response with easy operation. However, the time for transporting blood culture bottles to the microbiology labs still in many cases prolong the important time to response. In many cases, it can today take over 10 hours for a sample to arrive at the lab, depending on when and where the sample is taken, and it is only when the sample has arrived that the diagnosis can begin.

"I am proud that Q-linea's innovative technologies will really be able to make a difference for the largest critically ill patient group in healthcare. ASTar and the technology for portable blood culture could together enable a very large improvement in diagnostics. According to our calculations, the addressable market for portable blood culture bottles in Europe and the USA is approximately SEK 15 billion,” says Jonas Jarvius.

Q-linea will hold a webinar at 5 pm CET today with more information about ASTar and the portable blood culture technology. For information and registration: https://www.qlinea.com/webinar-registration