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Raketech är verksamt inom iGaming-industrin. Idag erbjuder bolaget tjänster som berör sport- och spel online, med inriktning mot prestationsbaserad och mediebaserad marknadsföring. Tjänster och produkter som erbjuds baseras på egenutvecklad IT-plattform och inkluderar SEO-lösningar, onlineguider, samt onlinesportbetting. Bolaget grundades under 2010 och har sitt huvudkontor i Malta.
2021-07-07 19:30:00

Raketech, the iGaming performance marketing partner, today announced a sports focused acquisition, delivering growth on strategically important markets such as the US. With the acquisition of P&P Vegas Group Inc, Raketech significantly strengthens its sports footprint on the fast-growing US market with assets such as the US betting tipster community; Picksandparlays.net. Furthermore, the company acquires all assets from QM Media AB, including the leading cricket betting website; Onlinecricketbetting.net with majority of its traffic from India. The total purchase price amounts to EUR 16m, payable in cash and issuance of new shares as at closing.

As a result of the acquisition, Raketech’s revenues originating from the US are expected to approximately double and the Indian revenues to reach 5-10 percent of the group’s total, already in Q4 of this year. Furthermore, Raketech’s sports vertical is expected to reach approximately 30 percent of the group’s total revenues in Q4 of this year.

The agreed purchase price amounts to EUR 16m on a cash and debt free basis which will be settled in a cash payment of EUR 9m and an issuance of 3,881,968 new Raketech (RAKE) shares amounting to EUR 7m. The number of Raketech shares issued has been determined by the volume-weighted RAKE share price 30 trading days up until 5 July 2021. Further, the issued RAKE shares will be subject to a lock-up of 24 months following completion of the transaction. The purchase price represents a multiple of approximately 5.6x EBITDA and 3.8x revenues for the last twelve months.

Through the acquisition of P&P Vegas Group, headquartered in Ohio, Raketech will be reinforced with a network of sports betting experts and a local team of 6 FTEs, bringing valuable knowledge about the local US sports market to the group. Picksandparlays, with strong presence in Social Media, Web and Video, has provided high quality sports betting content in the US market for over a decade and attracts around half a million unique monthly users. Current revenue streams are primarily relating to user subscriptions, sale of picks (tips), which is something Raketech aims to keep, while at the same time monetizing on Raketech’s existing commercial relationships with all major US sports book operators, with the aim to generate additional growth by adding traditional affiliation as well.

Oskar Mühlbach, CEO of Raketech said: “With these acquisitions we are delivering on several strategically important goals. Significant sports revenues, revenues from high growth markets, boots on the ground in the US and asset diversification and new revenue streams. Furthermore, by adding such a strong brand as PicksandParlays, Raketech will be able to add significant value to the US business through the implementation of the affiliate marketing sales in all licensed states. And with the talented and committed team that comes with the acquisition, I am very much looking forward to having them join forces with our central operations team to accelerate growth even further.”

The popularity of Cricket is growing globally with India being one of the most important markets. QM Media AB holds the position as the largest cricket sports betting affiliate with an impressive track record of profitable growth. The brand; Onlinecricketbetting.net reach over a million unique users during major events such as IPL. With the acquisition of Onlinecricketbetting.net, Raketech will not only gain a significant position within affiliation of cricket betting, but also take a leading position in the Indian market. In addition to the cricket assets, a portfolio of sports assets targeting the Nordics is part of the acquisition.

Marcus Egstam, CEO of QM Media said: "By partnering with Raketech we gain access to their well-established infrastructure that will help leverage our strong brands and market positions. We are enthusiastic to become shareholders in Raketech and to be a part of the exciting future we have planned."

The acquisition will, as at closing as per 15 September 2021, be settled using Raketech’s current cash together with funding from Raketech’s credit facility. The employees of P&P Vegas Group Inc will become integrated part of Raketech as of 15 September 2021.