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2022-04-25 11:30:00

The new partnership allows DNB to expand its extensive Nordic coverage and aims to leverage expertise in companies not covered by DNB through white labelled research that is made available to DNB’s clients. Redeye is mainly focusing on Nordic growth companies with disruptive technologies. The Collaboration will also help growth companies to raise new equity, where joint efforts will provide strong distribution power among both institutional and private investors.

“By collaborating with Redeye we can be an even more relevant speaking partner for investors with increased emphasis on companies within Tech and Healthcare. These sectors have many growth companies raising capital which will now be accessible to our extensive network of investors” says, Christer MagnergĂ„rd, Head of International Equity Sales & Research at DNB Markets. “Our ambition is to have the broadest Nordic Equity Research coverage possible and with the Redeye partnership we will have an industry coverage within the Tech and Healthcare universe few can match”

For more than a decade, DNB Markets has been investing in Equity Research to innovate and further develop its offering. Examples include rolling out ESG commentary in all research in 2019 and building up a dedicated data science team to
provide proprietary data.

“We are thrilled to team up with DNB Markets and support their ambition while also getting the chance to learn from one of the most reputable institutions” says Björn FahlĂ©n, CEO at Redeye. “We think that both organisations complement each other very well and are convinced about the potential to build even closer relationships with our clients to help them succeed long-term in the capital markets. It will for sure strengthen our market position and help us expand more quickly and efficiently.''

About DNB Markets
DNB Markets offers investment banking services, including risk management, investment and financing products in the capital markets to the Group's customers. Our employees provide advice and develop tailor-made solutions for various customer segments.

About Redeye
Redeye is a next-generation financial analyst and investment banking firm specializing in Life Science and Technology. Our clients are innovative future companies in the Nordic market, we work on the basis of a value-based investment philosophy and with a unique rating model.