14:59:32 Europe / Stockholm
2021-08-24 11:38:00
  • EMA decision on anakinra could be a gamechanger
  • Launch of POC+ product is around the corner
  • We maintain our valuation interval of DKK 115.00 – 180.00 per share

ViroGates’ report for Q2 did not contain any surprises. The reported financial data is of second-order importance anyway to the big event later in the autumn. In October, EMA is expected to decide on a possible label extension for anakinra, a potentially life-saving treatment for severe COVID-19 pneumonia cases. The label extension would mean approval for suPAR-guided screening to select patients for anakinra treatment, and this would imply very interesting market opportunities for ViroGates. While we await that outcome, we leave our valuation model largely unchanged and reiterate our valuation range of DKK 115.00 – 180.00 per share.

The full report is available here.