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IndustriLäkemedel & Handel
Ziccum är ett svenskt läkemedelsbolag som utvecklar nya beredningar av biologiska läkemedel. Med bolagets patenterade teknologi LaminarPace utvecklas torra beredningsformer av produkter som i nuläget finns i vätskeform. Störst versamhet återfinns runtom Norden, samt utöver huvudverksamheten erbjuder bolaget diverse relaterade produkter. Bolagets huvudkontor ligger i Lund.
2023-03-10 08:30:00

Ziccum AB (publ) (‘Ziccum’) has entered into a partnership with the FinTech platform eucaps.com, aiming to offer existing shareholders a new forum for news and dialogue whilst also increasing visibility to new investors beyond Sweden.

As of today, Ziccum has joined the financial technology platform eucaps.com. A new portal dedicated to Ziccum has been launched on the platform, containing new content on the company, reports and financials to be regularly updated, plus a secure chat forum for investors, to strengthen the resources and dialogue Ziccum offers to investors.

Furthermore, Ziccum, currently listed at Nasdaq First North in Sweden, is gaining visibility in the European small-cap segment thanks to this new model with European outreach. Eucaps calls itself “the one-stock shop for European growth companies”. It offers access to all of Europe’s small- and mid-cap exchanges and is available to investors from all over the world. A key function of its platform is to enable companies trading on European stock exchanges to share their offerings and increase their visibility with global investors.

Ziccum CEO Ann Gidner: “The Eucaps platform offers great opportunities for us to drive international interest in our share, whilst improving investors’ dialogue and keeping shareholders nicely updated on our development."

Eucaps CEO and founder Henrik Wagenius: “We are proud that Ziccum has chosen to grow with us. Our goal is to enable Ziccum to reach even more investors, through the support available on the Eucaps platform, without having to double their workload. We are really looking forward to this cooperation and hope to help create new, secure and satisfied shareholders for Ziccum.”

About Eucaps
Eucaps.com is a platform that brings together all European small and medium-sized listed companies and investors in one place. The company creates opportunities for companies to reach investors outside their home market and for investors to invest in companies across Europe in other marketplaces.