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Ziccum är ett svenskt läkemedelsbolag som utvecklar nya beredningar av biologiska läkemedel. Med bolagets patenterade teknologi LaminarPace utvecklas torra beredningsformer av produkter som i nuläget finns i vätskeform. Störst versamhet återfinns runtom Norden, samt utöver huvudverksamheten erbjuder bolaget diverse relaterade produkter. Bolagets huvudkontor ligger i Lund.


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2022-09-14 15:30:00

Following their agreed collaboration, Ziccum AB and the team from the ICP Institute of Computational Physics at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences’s School of Engineering (ZHAW) have now submitted an application to the Eurostars funding body. The proposed project will develop 3D modelling, and ultimately a Digital Twin, of LaminarPace (LAPA) that will accelerate development and scale-up and promote tech transfer, partnering and ultimately sales.

The team from ZHAW, headed by Prof. Dr. Gernot Boiger, has collaborated with the Ziccum team at Lund to produce a detailed application for their joint project, which has already generated valuable data on LAPA - Ziccum’s unique unique ambient drying system that can dry vaccines and biologics at room temperature, producing robust dry formulations that require no refrigeration or freezing. In the first phase of the proposed project the teams plan to work on 3D modelling of LAPA’s flow, particle formulation and scale-out. A projected final phase aims to further develop the 3D modeling.

Prof. Dr. Gernot Boiger, Head of Research Area Multiphysics Modelling and Imaging at the School of Engineering, ZHAW: “In this collaborative effort we haven’t just learned to work together seamlessly, we have also managed to compose a strong Eurostars proposal. This proposal will be the foundation for carrying out innovative R&D together over the coming years. I think that bringing the teams of Ziccum and ZHAW/ICP together has really worked well.”

Ziccum CEO Ann Gidner: “We’re already hard at work with our great partners at ZHAW,who share our drive and commitment to this unique and much-needed drying technology. We believe this project will significantly strengthen and accelerate the development of LAPA, delivering insights into the unique properties of the particles LAPA can formulate, and accelerating its industrialization.”

About LAPA: LAPA is Ziccum’s unique ambient drying system for vaccines and biologics. In the field of vaccines, LAPA formulates thermostable vaccines that can withstand elevated temperatures without requiring refrigeration or freezing. In the field of biologic drugs, LAPA meets the unmet need for an ambient drying method, drying delicate proteins and viruses at room temperature without the damaging effects of heat. This gives particles that typically retain robust structures and high API activity, making them thermostable – and highly valuable for novel formulation techniques.

About Eurostars: Eurostars funds innovative collaborative R&D projects across 37 member countries, specializing in projects that partner SMEs with larger companies, universities and research organizations. Eurostars is co-funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme and EUREKA, the world’s largest public network for international cooperation in R&D and innovation.

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