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Chromogenics är verksamt inom glastillverkning. Bolaget utvecklar dynamiska glas vars teknik reglerar ljus och värmeinsläpp i kommersiella fastigheter. Bolagets nuvarande produkt, ConverLight, är en folie som appliceras på fönster. Tekniken baseras på elektrokroma glas som används för att justera energiförbrukning och inomhuskomfort. Bolaget grundades 2003 och har sitt huvudkontor i Uppsala.
2024-04-02 19:00:00

ChromoGenics secures first order for North America: Bringing Dynamic Glass to luxury villa project in Colorado.

Uppsala, Sweden. ChromoGenics, a leading provider of dynamic glass solutions, announces its inaugural order for the North American market. The company has been chosen to supply its innovative ConverLight® Dynamic Glass to a luxury villa project in Colorado, USA. The villa, emphasizing sustainability and energy efficiency, will feature windows supplied by ChromoGenics' German partner, ENERsign.

The project is managed and delivered by ENERsign, a German manufacturer of high-performance energy-efficient windows. The glass is supplied by ChromoGenics in cooperation with Arnold Glass, a renown German glass supplier. Together, the companies create an innovative solution with market leading performance and sustainability.

"We are proud to make our debut in the North American market with this prestigious project. The USA is a very interesting market for dynamic glass, with market demand boosted by the substantial tax rebates provided by the Inflation Reduction Act. We are therefore particularly pleased to be able to supply this project in cooperation with our German partners ENERsign and Arnold Glass." said Fredrik Fränding, CEO at ChromoGenics.

The product, ConverLight dynamic glass, is an advanced technology where an electrochromic foil is laminated into the glass to regulate the intensity of sunlight and heat penetration into buildings. When the sun shines, the control system darkens the glass, significantly reducing the need for air conditioning. Similarly, solar heat can be allowed in during the winter to reduce energy consumption and heating costs. This solution also provides a natural daylight effect and unobstructed views - offering several positive health benefits. Combined with ENERsign's windows with market leading insulation, the solution is an attractive choice for intelligent building projects that prioritize sustainability and occupant well-being.

With this venture into North America, ChromoGenics continues its market expansion and its mission of providing the real estate industry with sustainable, energy-efficient solutions. The order value is estimated to 750 000 SEK and is included in the order intake for the first quarter, 2024

For more information about ChromoGenics and its dynamic glass solutions, converlight.com

Fredrik Fränding, CEO
Anne-Marie Gullman, CFO & Head of Investor Relations
Tel: +46 (0) 18 430 0430
E-mail: info@chromogenics.comChromoGenics

About ChromoGenics

ChromoGenics is a proptech company that produces smart dynamic glass, improving indoor environment and well-being while reducing energy consumption, operational costs, and climate impact in real estate. The product, ConverLight® dynamic glass, is based on a unique patented technology from the Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala, where electrochromic coatings are sputtered onto plastic films. The result is a dynamic foil that can be laminated into glass, providing effective sun protection in buildings and reducing environmental impact in production, transportation, and usage. The dynamic foil is easy to transport and can be applied by local partners in the glass industry, avoiding the need for long-distance shipments of bulky glass. All products from ChromoGenics prioritize environmental and health aspects, focusing on eco-friendly materials, reduced energy consumption, increased access to daylight and views, and improved indoor comfort.

ChromoGenics' production facility in Uppsala has been partly financed through conditional loans from the Swedish Energy Agency. ChromoGenics' stock (CHRO) is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market, with Vator Securities serving as the Certified Adviser.