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Confidence International designar, levererar och underhåller integrerade och modulära säkerhets- och brandskyddslösningar. Bolaget erbjuder en bred produktportfölj och tillhörande tjänster samt finansieringslösningar inom säkerhet, brand, larm och elektroniska låssystem. Bolaget innehar störst verksamhet inom den nordiska marknaden och har sitt huvudkontor i Sundbyberg.


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2020-06-08 08:30:00

Confidence's success in technical security and fire protection for data centers continues. A contract of strategic importance has been signed with one of Europe's leading players in data centers*, on the provision of technical fire protection for a larger, newly established, data center in Gävleborg County. The first, contracted, part of the newly built data center comprises 2700 sq.m., which is provided with a total fire security solution. The agreement on technical fire protection, the largest in the company's history, covers materials, installation, commissioning and training. Installation work will start already in June, with completion in 2020, and the agreed value amounts to approximately SEK 12 million.

The agreement is another success in Confidence's quest to consolidate its position as the leading provider of fire and security technology solutions for data centers and critical infrastructure. The agreed fire protection includes the latest technology in, among other things, aspiration technology**, for extremely early detection of incipient fire, and an advanced overall alarm presentation system and spoken evacuation alarm.

The establishment of new data centers on the Swedish market is steadily increasing by about 8-10 percent annually and Confidence sees a trend that goes in two directions. Larger central facilities, both new and mergers of smaller ones, and at the same time more small and distributed data management nodes, so-called Edge computing, for applications that require short distances to the processing power. Examples are the development of self-driving vehicles and the Internet of Things.

"For us, the development of the market is very positive. Our combined expertise, product portfolio and close cooperation between the respective security branches create very good business opportunities. Large centers to be combined with small Edge units perfectly fit our long experience of parent systems. Monitoring and controlling geographically dispersed security nodes is part of our everyday life, eg. for our customers in water and electricity distribution as well as rail-bound traffic," says Mikael Pettersson, CEO of Confidence

* The client is headquartered in Ireland, with sales in 2019 corresponding to EUR 232 million and approx. 750 employees.

** An aspirational smoke detection system continuously draws in air via pipelines and is a very suitable choice for demanding environments eg. data centers, power plants and cultural buildings. The installation is discreet and allows for early detection of particle changes in the air caused by different types of smoke. For the agreed project of 2700 square meters, more than 3500 meters of pipes will be connected to a total of 63 aspiration units in order to detect smoke particles in the air, even before a fire has occurred.

This information is of such a nature that Confidence International AB is obliged to publish it in accordance with the EU's regulation on market abuse. Information has been provided, through the agency of the below contact person, for publication on 8 June 2020 at 08.30 CEST.


About Confidence

Founded in 1989, Confidence International designs, delivers and maintains integrated and modular security and fire protection solutions that increase customer safety and efficiency. With experience and leading specialist knowledge, the company offers a complete portfolio of products, services and financing solutions in security, fire, alarms, electronic lock systems and Systematic Fire Protection Work (SBA) adapted to the needs of the customer. Confidence is listed on NASDAQ First North. Erik Penser Bank is the company's Certified Adviser, tel +46 8 463 83 00 or certifiedadviser@penser.se.