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CS Medica är ett danskt medicintekniskt bolag, dedikerat till läkemedelsforskning, utveckling, tillverkning och global kommersialisering. Bolaget blandar vetenskap och natur för att förbättra patienters liv med cannabinoidterapier för smärtlindring, och för att hantera autoimmuna och stressrelaterade symtom. Globalt erbjuder CS Medica CBD-behandlingar över disk (OTC), inklusive patenterade medicinska produkter, MHRA och MDR-registrerade artiklar, under varumärket CANNASEN® eller med egen märkning.
2024-02-20 08:02:10

CS MEDICA A/S and Nabih Nabulsi Drugstores disclose a strategic alliance to distribute CANNASEN® treatments with CBD across Jordan.

CS MEDICA A/S, a pioneering MedTech in the development and commercialization of products treating pain, autoimmune diseases, and stress-related disorders with therapeutic Cannabis Sativa L./CBD, announces an agreement with Nabih Nabulsi Drugstores, a leading distributor in Jordan.

This new partnership entails the distribution of 100,000 units spanning all nine products of the CANNASEN® brand, marking the brand's launch on the global markets today.

The connection between CS MEDICA and Nabih Nabulsi Drugstores was established at the CPHI conference in Barcelona in October, culminating in this strategic agreement. The contract outlines a comprehensive plan to introduce the CANNASEN® brand into the Jordanian market, leveraging Nabih Nabulsi Drugstores' extensive expertise and dominant presence in the medical device market in Jordan. This distributor is also recognized for its influential partnerships in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical devices, serving an extensive pharmaceutical channel and key opinion leaders (KOLs).

Lone Henriksen, CEO of CS MEDICA A/S, comments, "We're pleased to see our initial talks at CPHI have progressed to a new partnership. Nabih Nabulsi Drugstores possesses the right local expertise to launch our products into pharmacies and drugstores effectively. Their market dominance and well-established relationships in Jordan make them the ideal partner for our global expansion efforts."

Dr. Nabulsi, the owner of Nabih Nabulsi Drugstores, comments, "The reason for choosing CANNSEN® as a new treatment option in our market is due to its innovation and uniqueness. Being one of the first in the market to combine the proven track records and legislation of medical devices with the therapeutic benefits of CBD makes it a groundbreaking addition to our portfolio. As a market leader, we must continually seek out innovative products to expand and grow the market. CANNASEN® represents a significant step in this direction, offering a unique value proposition that we believe will resonate with our customers."

The registration process of the products is expected to take 6-8 months, with production anticipated to span approximately 2-3 months. Notably, CS MEDICA has implemented a strategy to reduce the lead time to market for this launch. By paralleling the product registration process the company will create a ready-to-order design specifically adjusted for Jordan. This proactive approach ensures that production can commence immediately once registration is finalized, facilitating a swift market entry.

The agreement is structured on an ex-work basis, with activation set at 80% payment upon completion of the registration and the remainder to be finalized before pickup.