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Everfuel är ett danskt bolag verksamma inom energisektorn. Bolaget är en utvecklare av produkter och tillhörande tekniska system för vätgasförsörjning och tankningslösningar för tunga fordon och industriella aktörer. Bolaget innehar etablerade distributionsanläggningar runtom den globala marknaden, med störst närvaro inom Norden och Europa.


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Fredericia, Denmark, 27 June 2022 - TVIS and Everfuel succeed Denmark's first agreement of surplus heat from a PtX facility. Everfuel invests in a 4.5 MW heat pump to cool the supporting processes in the hydrogen production.

TVIS, the local district heating network,  is building a 1.2 kilometre long transmission line to Everfuel's 20 MW electrolysis plant, HySynergy. When TVIS and Everfuel signed the first agreement six months ago the volume corresponded to the consumption in 5-600 households per year. The new agreement increases the volume to about three times as much, as the volume of heat correlates to the annual consumption of approximately 1300 households.

"In December 2021, we signed Denmark's first agreement on surplus heating from hydrogen and PtX technology in Fredericia, and now we are increasing the amount of heat approximately three times. We attain valuable experience about the heat potential of PtX technology, but we also streamline operational time of the hydrogen plant and utilise valuable amounts of energy that would otherwise disappear into thin air. We are making history not only in TVIS but also in the district heating world by utilising surplus heating from hydrogen production and helping to ensure a stable district heating system on the short and long term," says Lars Schmidt, Chairman of the Board of TVIS.

"The utilisation of surplus heating is an important part of our technological development and understanding of the potential in utilising local heat transmission as a cooling resource for our processes. With the agreement the site's efficiency will be of the highest standard with plant efficiency of approximately 87%. It gives us important experience ahead of Phase II, which consists of an expansion of the electrolysis plant to 300 MW in 2025," says CEO Jacob Krogsgaard from Everfuel.

"When we have completed our new transmission pipeline, the heat will be circulated across four municipalities and reach about 60.000 households, apartment buildings, institutions, and companies. And there are many more consumers in sight. This is why we value important agreements like these with Everfuel, because the four municipalities behind TVIS are experiencing high settlement growth and business development and have ambitious strategies for phasing out gas and oil. District heating plays a key role, and our collaboration are prime examples of sector coupling that shows the path to the energy system of the future, where the surplus of one company is the resources of another," says Jørgen Nielsen, CEO of TVIS.
For additional information please contact

Lea Vindvad Hansen, Investor Relations & Communications Manager, Everfuel, + 45 6183 0205

Jørgen Nielsen, CEO, Tvis, +45 2787 5849

About Everfuel | www.everfuel.com

Everfuel is making green hydrogen for zero emission mobility commercially available across Europe, offering competitive all-inclusive hydrogen supply- and fuelling solutions. We own and operate green hydrogen infrastructure and partner with vehicle OEMs to connect the entire hydrogen value chain and seamlessly provide hydrogen fuel to enterprise customers under long-term contracts. Green hydrogen is a 100% clean fuel made from renewable energy and key to electrification of the transportation sector in Europe and a sustainable future. We are a young ambitious company, headquartered in Herning, Denmark, and with activities in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, and a plan to grow across Europe. Everfuel is listed on Euronext Growth in Oslo under EFUEL.

About TVIS | www.TVIS.net

For almost 40 years, TVIS has ensured reliable distribution of district heating by use of local energy resources. TVIS is a collaboration across four municipalities, nine district heating companies, and several local industries, where we utilize heat as efficiently and environmentally conscientious as possible. TVIS is responsible for agreements with local companies that can provide larger volumes of surplus heat to our grid so that the heating needs in our four owner municipalities is covered. We also own and operate the main artery of district heating transmission in the Triangle Area, which consists of 123-kilometer pipelines connected to nine district heating companies in the four cities. We ensure green and stable heating by immense planning, heat market analysis, efficiency improvements, and investments in green technologies. We perform our own smaller and larger maintenance of pumps, heat exchangers, and pipes, to use the energy as efficiently as possible. This ensures very high stability and low consumer costs. The Triangle Area already has a far-reaching district heating system, and TVIS has formed close and equally advantageous cooperation with local energy companies, and as we in the future use surplus heat from power to x-technologies, we refine the business case for all involved parties.