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2022-11-03 Kvartalsrapport 2022-Q3
2022-08-31 Kvartalsrapport 2022-Q2
2022-06-13 Årsstämma 2022
2022-05-09 X-dag ordinarie utdelning GABA 0.00 SEK
2022-04-28 Kvartalsrapport 2022-Q1
2022-02-17 Bokslutskommuniké 2021
2021-12-16 Extra Bolagsstämma 2021
2021-10-28 Kvartalsrapport 2021-Q3
2021-08-26 Kvartalsrapport 2021-Q2
2021-06-04 X-dag ordinarie utdelning GABA 0.00 SEK
2021-06-03 Årsstämma 2021
2021-04-23 Kvartalsrapport 2021-Q1
2021-02-18 Bokslutskommuniké 2020
2020-11-05 Kvartalsrapport 2020-Q3
2020-08-28 Kvartalsrapport 2020-Q2
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2020-04-21 Kvartalsrapport 2020-Q1
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2019-11-12 Kvartalsrapport 2019-Q3
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2018-08-24 Kvartalsrapport 2018-Q2
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2017-11-13 Kvartalsrapport 2017-Q3
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2016-11-10 Kvartalsrapport 2016-Q3
2016-08-24 Kvartalsrapport 2016-Q2
2016-06-07 Årsstämma 2016
2016-05-24 Kvartalsrapport 2016-Q1
2016-04-04 Extra Bolagsstämma 2016
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2016-02-19 Bokslutskommuniké 2015
2015-10-23 Kvartalsrapport 2015-Q3
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ListaFirst North Stockholm
Gabather är ett läkemedelsbolag. Idag innehas affärsinriktning mot att utveckla läkemedelskandidater för behandling av nervsjukdomar. Särskilt fokus ligger på stimulering av gamma-aminosmörsyra, som är den huvudsakliga hämmande signalsubstansen i hjärnan. Läkemedelskandidaterna är idag patenterade på global nivå. Gabather etablerades under 2014 och har sitt huvudkontor i Malmö.
2022-06-07 10:57:27

Gabather AB (Nasdaq First North Growth Market: GABA), a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing the next generation of therapeutics for neuropsychiatric disorders, is pleased to announce that it has received a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent Office for its U.S. patent application publication No. US 2021/0087193 A1 entitled: Triazoloquinazolinone synthesis.

The invention further increases and strengthens Gabather's position in the field of GABA\A\ receptor modulators and methods of use. Gabather has a portfolio of patents and patent applications covering key products and methods that creates significant value to the company and shareholders, giving Gabather both the freedom to operate and important differentiation of the products.

"We are pleased that the USPTO has recognized the uniqueness of our products and technology and issued Allowance for this patent application. It further strengthens our drug products and pipeline against competitors and provides Gabather with a strong competitive advantage in providing the next-generation of neuropsychiatric drugs", says Dr. Michael-Robin Witt, CEO of Gabather.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Michael-Robin Witt, CEO

Phone: 073-687 28 39

E-mail: mrw@gabather.com

Briefly about Gabather AB

Based on pioneering research at Lund University and the Research Institute for Biological Psychiatry in Roskilde, Gabather was founded in 2014 with the aim of developing innovative and effective therapies for neuropsychiatric disorders. Our research and development focus on developing new pro-cognitive drug candidates targeting the GABA\A\ receptor for the treatment of disorders and imbalances in the central nervous system (CNS). GABA\A\ receptors are the main inhibitory signalling system in the brain that regulates central CNS functions. Dysfunction or imbalance in this system is known to be at the core of many neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders. The Company Certified Adviser is Erik Penser Bank, Phone. 08- 463 80 00, certifiedadvicer@penser.se