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Inhalation Sciences Sweden, ISAB, är ett forskningsbolag. Idag innehas störst fokus mot framställning och utvecklande av laboratorieinstrument. Instrumenten används för att mäta partiklar i inandningsluften och hur luftens sammansättning påverkar lungorna. Bolaget säljer produkter under varierade varumärken, främst på den europeiska marknaden. Inhalation Sciences Sweden grundades 2004 och har sitt huvudkontor i Huddinge.


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2021-12-08 10:34:40

(Stockholm, 8 December 2021) Inhalation Research Services (IRS), the contract research organization of Inhalation Sciences Sweden AB (ISAB), has received an order worth 55 752 Euros for a new research project from Italian pharma company Chiesi. The joint research project is between Chiesi and the Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM) at Karolinska Institutet (KI). Both Chiesi and IMM, leading research bodies within inhalation, are returning ISAB customers.

The IRS study is valued at 55 752 Euros. It will be carried out at IMM's research facilities at Karolinska Insittutet in Stockholm under the leadership of KI's Professor Lena Palmberg, a long-term ISAB collaborator.

The study will use XposeALI[®], ISAB's highly innovative in vitro cell culturing tool that combines the aerosol capability from PreciseInhale[®] with cell exposures at an Air Liquid Interface that mimic closely the physiologic processes as they happen in the lungs.

2021 has seen significant events around XposeALI[®]: in October it was chosen to test a Mars dust surrogate for the European Space Agency in another IMM research project. In the same month its US patent was extended. In November the module received its US Registered Trademark, together with ISAB's core aerosol generating system PreciseInhale[®] and in vitro dissolution module DissolvIt[®].

CEO Manoush Masarrat: "Both Chiesi and KI are recognized worldwide as leading bodies in inhalation research. It is a powerful endorsement of our technology that they choose us time and again to achieve their early stage results. We are delighted too to see them recognize the unique capabilities and benefits of XposeALI[®]. We believe it will become a recognized leader within its niche."