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Integrum är verksamt inom medicinteknik. Idag utvecklar bolaget system för skelettförankrade proteser baserat på det framtagna OPRA-implantatsystemet, som senare vidaresäljs till sjukhus världen över. Implantatet sätts på patientens ben med hjälp utav titanskruvar och antas förbättra livet för en stor del patienter med amputation. Bolaget grundades 1998 och har sitt huvudkontor i Mölndal.
2024-06-10 17:16:58

Mölndal, Sweden - June 10, 2024 - Integrum (publ) (Nasdaq First North Growth Market: INTEG B) today announces that the company has entered a commercial collaboration and distribution agreement with Hanger, the leading provider of amputee care and prosthetics in the US that delivers care to almost one-third of all amputees in the country. Within the framework of the agreement, Integrum's prosthetic product portfolio will be made available to eligible patients at any of Hanger Clinic's 900 patient care facilities nationwide as well as distributed to other facilities. The agreement will take effect on June 10, 2024.

Hanger, Inc. is a leading provider of orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) services in the United States, founded in 1861 by James Edward Hanger. The company operates over 900 Hanger Clinic locations, offering comprehensive patient care for individuals with limb loss and mobility challenges. The Hanger group includes Southern Prosthetic Supply (SPS), the world's largest distributor of O&P components, supporting over 400,000 SKUs (stock keeping units). Hanger Clinic holds an estimated 25-30% market share in the O&P patient care services sector, serving over one million patients annually through a network of 1,700 certified clinical providers.  The collaboration agreement marks Hanger's entry into the field of bone-anchored prosthetics, which is made possible using Integrum's innovative implant technology. Initially, the distribution agreement will primarily include Axor[TM] II, Integrum's external safety device linking the OPRA® Implant System to customized prosthetics.

Integrum develops world-leading treatment solutions that re-establish freedom of mobility for individuals who have suffered limb loss. The company's products on the US market include the OPRA® Implant System, an implant that fuses biologically to the patient's skeleton and re-establishes large-limb function, and Axor[TM] II, a safety system used in transfemoral implants to minimize the risk of femoral fractures. To date, more than 700 patients globally have been treated successfully with Integrum's technology.

"We are extremely excited by the collaboration with Hanger and will work tirelessly together to improve the life for individuals with limb loss. We see an immense value in collaborating with the industry leader in the US, who has the capabilities to promote our ground-breaking innovation directly to almost one-third of all amputees receiving orthotic and prosthetic care in the US, as well as distributing our products through the major distributor in the field SPS. Through this agreement, we are convinced that the use of our technology will widen rapidly and gain further traction as a paradigm-shifting treatment alternative and become standard care," says Rickard Brånemark, CEO of Integrum.

This disclosure contains information that Integrum AB is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation (EU nr 596/2014). The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person, on 10-06-2024 17:17 CET.