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Movinn är ett fastighetsbolag. Bolaget är en leverantör av inflyttningsklara, plug-and-play-servicelägenheter. Bolaget levererar fastigheter som en tjänst till främst stora inhemska och internationella företag och organisationer. Störst verksamhet återfinns inom Danmnark. Movinn grundades 2014 och har sitt huvudkontor i Köpenhamn, Danmark.
2024-01-08 17:00:00
Movinn Sverige AB is launcing its forth Swedish market in the city of Västerås

Company Announcement nr. 38 - 2024
This company announce contains inside information.
8 September 2024 17.00 (CEST)


Copenhagen, Denmark - Movinn Sverige AB, a subsidiary fully owned by Movinn A/S, is doing a soft launch into the forth swedish market in the city of Västerås. 
Following the plan to increase the unit number and geografichal market coverage in Sweden, Movinn is set to do a soft launch in Västerås at february 1st. Västrås is an important market due the presence of several large, international companies with a structural need for corporate housing. Movinn Sverige will do a soft launch (8 properties) with the potential to increase the unit number in the short-to-mid term depending on the reception from clients. 
Managing Director in Movinn Sverige, Johanna Engströmer, has been responsible for the negotiations, client contact and she will oversee the logistics and launch.

Patrick Blok, CEO, states: "Following a positive reception of Movinn in Ludvika, launching Västerås is another good result from swedish management. Västerås is a high demand market that is driven by growing industries within renewable energy, e-commerce and defence manufacturing. It is strategically important for us to be present in these high-demand hubs, as it allows us to cover more ground while servicing our existing clients and strategic partners. We intend
 to grow our presence in the city further after we have seen a positive reception form the corporate clients in the market".