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Optomed är verksamt inom medicinteknik. Bolaget bedriver forskning och utveckling av specialiserade ögonkameror. Utveckling sker av både hård- och mjukvara som vidaresäljs under olika varumärken. Verksamhet innehas på global nivå, med störst närvaro inom den nordiska marknaden. Kunderna består av forskningsinstitut samt sjukhus. Huvudkontoret ligger i Oulu.
2023-08-18 10:00:00

Optomed PlcPress Release 18 August 2023 at 11.00, Helsinki

Optomed to supply large diabetic retinopathy screening solution to Spain

Optomed will supply diabetic retinopathy screening solution consisting of Optomed Aurora IQ fundus cameras and related software solutions to a public sector end customer in Valencia, Spain. The solution will be used to screen the local diabetic population for a potentially sight threatening disease, diabetic retinopathy. The total contract value is approximately 800 000 euros, and the delivery has a positive effect on the Devices segment's revenue for the second half of the year. It does not have an effect on Optomed's financial outlook 2023.

Optomed CEO, Seppo Kopsala, comments: "I am extremely happy to see that our persistent work in Optomed is starting to turn into growing amounts of national level screening solution deliveries to different countries. For years we have focused on our strategy to offering comprehensive screening solutions including camera and software products to diabetic retinopathy screening. Winning large tenders like this one in Spain are concrete indications that the demand for these screening solutions is growing and that our products are very competitive. We get to deliver our best technology to Spain."

Optomed Plc

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Seppo Kopsala, Optomed Plc, seppo.kopsala@optomed.com,+358 405551050

Optomed in Brief

Optomed is a Finnish medical technology company and one of the leading providers of handheld fundus cameras. Optomed combines handheld screening devices with software and artificial intelligence with the aim to transform the diagnostic process of eye diseases such as rapidly increasing diabetic retinopathy. In its business Optomed focuses on eye screening devices and software solutions related R&D in Finland and sales through different channels in over 60 countries.