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IndustriElektronisk utrustning
Scape Technologies är verksamt inom IT-sektorn. Bolaget är specialiserat inom utveckling av tekniska verktyg för den industriella sektorn. Programvaran är egenutvecklad och används huvudsakligen för scanning, testning och kontrollsystem inom större processer. Kunderna består av företagskunder verksamma inom den industriella sektorn. Utöver huvudverksamheten erbjuds diverse mervärdestjänster. Störst verksamhet återfinns inom den nordiska marknaden.
2021-12-13 11:15:00

Scape Technologies has received an order from the German company HEYCO-WERK SÜD in Tittling for the delivery of a SCAPE Bin-Picker Solution and a SCAPE Mini-Picker Solution.

HEYCO-WERK SÜD in Tittling is a part of the HEYCO Group. The original production of hand tools has expanded to include plastic parts and forgings, with HEYCO Group becoming a leading supplier for both the automotive and automotive supplier industry.

The HEYCO Group is known a competent development partner for the module and systems business, highly regarded for prototype manufacturing. Approximately 900 qualified and dedicated employees work at production sites in Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic and in the USA where top-quality, technically, and economically mature components are manufactured.

The complete SCAPE Bin-Picker Solution will be used for picking randomly placed metal parts in containers. After picking the part from the container the SCAPE Bin-Picker secure the precision-delivery of the part on a conveyor belt.

"This is the first SCAPE order from HEYCO and it confirms our core competence and strong position in the robotic material handling domain. The standardized SCAPE Bin-Picking concept enables a wide range of industries to implement flexible and reliable Bin-Picking Solutions for handling parts which can optimize productivity and eliminate monotonous tasks and improving workers ergonomics", - says Frank Nüsken, General Manager, Scape Germany.

The order from HEYCO-WERK SÜD does not change Scape's expectations for the current financial year.

About Scape Technologies
Scape Technologies, founded in 2004, is a focused robotics enterprise having developed a unique and patented technology to recognize, pick and place parts. This is known as the SCAPE Bin-Picker system and the systems are generally marketed in cooperation with partners responsible for building and implementing them into various and specific production facilities. The SCAPE Bin-Picker systems are among others used in one of the world's toughest fields: the automotive industry (e.g. Ford, Nissan and BMW).

Recently Scape Technologies have launched the easy-to-install SCAPE Easy-Picker and SCAPE Mini-Picker for the Small Medium Enterprises and the SCAPE Package Picker for distribution and logistic applications.

Scape Technologies offers a complete solution with fully integrated components and software modules that together create a coherent and efficient solution that can be connected directly to the leading six-axis robot brands used in the industry - such as Universal Robots, ABB, Fanuc, Kawasaki, KUKA, and more.

Scape Technologies A/S is listed at Nasdaq First North Growth Market. (http://www.nasdaqomxnordic.com/aktier/microsite?Instrument=CSE162397&name=Scape%20Technologies&ISIN=DK0061114246)

For more information, please contact:
John Espensen
Marketing Manager, Scape Technologies A/S
Email: je@scapetechnologies.com
Phone: +45 2579 9595