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2025-04-30 Bokslutskommuniké 2024
2024-08-16 Kvartalsrapport 2024-Q2
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2024-05-30 Årsstämma 2025
2024-05-15 Bokslutskommuniké 2023
2024-02-27 Extra Bolagsstämma 2024
2023-08-17 Kvartalsrapport 2023-Q2
2023-05-08 X-dag ordinarie utdelning SCAPE 0.00 DKK
2023-04-26 Bokslutskommuniké 2022
2023-03-22 Extra Bolagsstämma 2023
2022-08-18 Kvartalsrapport 2022-Q2
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2022-04-20 Bokslutskommuniké 2021
2022-01-17 Extra Bolagsstämma 2022
2021-08-19 Kvartalsrapport 2021-Q2
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2021-05-06 Årsstämma 2021
2021-04-14 Bokslutskommuniké 2020
2020-10-26 Extra Bolagsstämma 2020
2020-08-27 Kvartalsrapport 2020-Q2
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2020-05-29 Årsstämma 2020
2019-12-09 Extra Bolagsstämma 2019
2019-08-28 Kvartalsrapport 2019-Q2
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2019-04-11 Årsstämma 2019
2019-03-27 Bokslutskommuniké 2018


ListaFirst North Denmark
IndustriElektronisk utrustning
Scape Technologies är verksamt inom IT-sektorn. Bolaget är specialiserat inom utveckling av tekniska verktyg för den industriella sektorn. Programvaran är egenutvecklad och används huvudsakligen för scanning, testning och kontrollsystem inom större processer. Kunderna består av företagskunder verksamma inom den industriella sektorn. Utöver huvudverksamheten erbjuds diverse mervärdestjänster. Störst verksamhet återfinns inom den nordiska marknaden.
2024-04-18 07:50:00

Today's industrial robotics, 3D Vision, and AI are often confined by costs, complexity, and limited accessibility and usability. Scape Technologies is revolutionizing this field by broadening the horizons of what is possible. At Hannover Messe 2024, Scape Technologies proudly introduce the SCAPE CoCreator, a 3D robot guidance platform that integrates advanced AI and 3D Vision technology with intuitive, no-code robot programming.

A New Era of Automation: Introducing the SCAPE CoCreator Platform

The SCAPE CoCreator platform embodies a leap forward in making robotic automation accessible to a broader audience. It is designed for users of all skill levels, enabling the creation of robotic automation applications without extensive technical know-how and with no-code robot programming. The user-friendly SCAPE CoCreator platform is built upon industry standards, ensuring that developing robust robotic applications is more intuitive than ever.

Our journey from the early days of bin-picking to the creation of this platform signifies our commitment to innovation and leveraging our deep expertise in 3D Vision technology and robotic automation, states René Dencker, CTO of Scape Technologies.

Empowering Industries with SCAPE 3D Scanners

2024 will also see Scape Technologies broaden its horizon with the introduction of the SCAPE 3D scanner family to the European market. At Hannover Messe 2024, Scape Technologies will present the Pro Industrial 3D stationary scanners and a new robot mounted 3D SCAPE Mini Scanner.  This development leverages our deep expertise in 3D Vision technology, providing our partners with high-quality, cost-effective 3D vision solutions.

The synergy between SCAPE 3D scanners and the SCAPE CoCreator platform will offer unprecedented value to our customers, states Søren Bøving CEO of Scape Technologies.

Revolutionizing Robot Cells with Cost-Effective Components

In response to the competitive pressures facing European manufacturers, Scape Technologies is set to offer a range of competitively priced components and equipment for building robot cells. This initiative includes SCAPE 3D scanners, SCAPE Vision Controller and other standardized components for a number of complete and standardized SCAPE Robotic Workcells. The first standardized SCAPE Workcell to be introduced will be for loading and unloading of CNC machines, especially lathes handling cylindrical parts.

By integrating these components with our SCAPE 3D scanners and the CoCreator platform, we're setting a new standard for automation solutions, remarks Søren Bøving.

Looking Forward

The SCAPE CoCreator platform not only streamlines the automation process but also opens up new possibilities for innovation through its API, allowing external parties to contribute new functionalities.

This platform represents a significant milestone in our mission to make robotic automation accessible for all, concludes Søren Bøving.

Scape Technologies stands at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution, empowering companies to imagine, create, and automate with unprecedented ease and efficiency. The launch of the SCAPE CoCreator platform, along with the new range of SCAPE 3D scanners and cost-effective robot cell components, marks a new era of accessibility and innovation in robotic automation.

For more information about Scape Technologies and the SCAPE CoCreator platform, visit our website or join us at Hannover Messe 2024, Hall 8, Stand F10.