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Sinch är ett teknikbolag. Bolaget erbjuder molnbaserade kommunikationstjänster som gör att kunderna kan integrera meddelande (SMS)-, röstapplikations- och mobildatatjänster i sin verksamhet. Kommunikationstjänster används för hantering av kritisk information hos exempelvis banker, flygbolag, aktörer inom sjukvården samt teknikbolag. Bolaget grundades under 2008 och har sitt huvudkontor i Stockholm.
2024-07-10 15:00:00

 Features a free assessment test that will analyze your digital communications channel mix to provide data-backed recommendations for improvement 


ATLANTA, Georgia, USA and STOCKHOLM, Sweden - July 10, 2024 - Sinch (https://www.sinch.com/) (Sinch AB (publ) - XSTO: SINCH), which is pioneering the way the world communicates through its Customer Communications Cloud, announced the launch of its "Customer Connections" hub, an online resource center designed to support CX professionals and marketers in building lasting customer relationships through world-class experiences across all digital channels.

 To add value to the customer experience, businesses must enable effective communications across the channels their customers use.  The "Customer Connections" hub is Sinch's latest initiative to keep marketers informed on the ever-evolving digital landscape and help them build stronger customer connections.  The hub features marketing communications related content including trend research, testimonial videos, case studies, and useful guides designed to help visitors create successful omnichannel customer experiences. 

The hub's standout feature is the "Connection Assessment" tool that serves as a battle-test for existing cross-channel campaigns. Based on internal data from more than 400k Sinch users, the test evaluates communication optimization across 9 different channels.  After completing a short 4-question survey to gauge effectiveness, participants receive a personalized assessment outlining strengths, weaknesses, and improvement suggestions for delivering the ultimate customer experience.

Building a customer communication strategy that drives value.

Sinch interviewed over 500 consumers and more than 400 companies across the U.S. to uncover the true building blocks of a meaningful customer relationship. The learnings from this survey inform the topics covered throughout the Customer Connection hub:
  • Making a strong first impression. Trust is a key factor in making a positive first impression - over 30% say the company's reputation was their main focus.
  • Smarter Cross-channel engagement. Email is still the preferred channel (40%) when customers want to reach a company channel, followed by SMS (22%).
  • Timing and frequency. Nearly 62% of consumers expect to receive invoices and receipts within five minutes or less of making an online purchase.
  • AI engagement. A combined 78% said they prefer engaging with a chatbot for troubleshooting or to get a question answered.

"Effective customer communication involves understanding the unique needs of your audience and focusing on what can truly elevate their experience with a brand," said Jonathan Bean, Chief Marketing Officer at Sinch. "With so many ways to engage today, it is essential for businesses to maintain a seamless digital communications experience and embrace an omnichannel approach. This means not only integrating communications across the right mix of channels at the right stage of the customer journey, but also being present where and when customers expect and want to be reached."

Omnichannel communication is the new benchmark, making personalized customer experiences a necessity for marketers. Stay informed and sharpen your competitive edge by bookmarking the Sinch "Customer Connections" hub, visit connections.sinch.com (https://go.sinch.com/report-pr)