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IndustriIT-konsult & onlinetjänster
Webstep är ett IT-konsultbolag. Idag innehas störst specialisering mot att erbjuda digitaliserade lösningar som berör systemutveckling, mobilitet, förändringsledning och integrationslösningar. Störst verksamhet återfinns inom den nordiska marknaden, med kunder verksamma inom varierande branscher. Webstep grundades under 2000 och har sitt huvudkontor i Oslo.


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2021-02-10 08:00:00

Oslo, 10 February 2021: Webstep ASA ("the Company") is pleased to announce that Save Asmervik has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Mr Asmervik assumes his new position at 15 February 2021. Liv Annike Kverneland, who has served as Interim CEO, continues as CFO.

"The Board would like to thank Liv Annike Kverneland for ensuring continuity in this interim period. At the same time, we are very pleased to announce that Save Asmervik has accepted to take over the CEO position" says Mr Trond K. Johannessen, Chair of the Board of Webstep ASA.

Save Asmervik has since 2011 served as regional director of Webstep in Trondheim. He has a Masters degree from NTNU and has held leadership positions in companies like Equinor and EY. He has also worked several years for IBM and has extensive knowledge of the IT industry.

"Save Asmervik has a long and strong track record and is recognised as a solid technology and consultancy leader within Webstep. We are confident that he will further strengthen the company's great work environment and opportunities for innovation, growth and the creation of shareholder value", Mr Johannessen continues.

"It's an honor for me, and I am proud to take over as CEO of Webstep. I know the company from the inside, and I know the potential that lies in this organization of IT experts. Through our distributed operating model we will continue to deliver expert competencies and advisory services, while broadening our services through providing more teams-as-a-service and project deliveries", says Save Asmervik. 

Mr Asmervik holds 2,570 shares and 196,884 share options in the Company.