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IndustriIT-konsult & onlinetjänster
Webstep är ett IT-konsultbolag. Idag innehas störst specialisering mot att erbjuda digitaliserade lösningar som berör systemutveckling, mobilitet, förändringsledning och integrationslösningar. Störst verksamhet återfinns inom den nordiska marknaden, med kunder verksamma inom varierande branscher. Webstep grundades under 2000 och har sitt huvudkontor i Oslo.


2022-02-17 Bokslutskommuniké 2021
2021-10-28 Kvartalsrapport 2021-Q3
2021-08-24 Kvartalsrapport 2021-Q2
2021-05-20 Kvartalsrapport 2021-Q1
2021-04-29 Ordinarie utdelning WSTEP 1.60 NOK
2021-04-28 Årsstämma 2021
2021-02-17 Bokslutskommuniké 2020
2021-01-05 Extra Bolagsstämma 2021
2020-11-11 Kvartalsrapport 2020-Q3
2020-10-15 Ordinarie utdelning WSTEP 1.60 NOK
2020-08-26 Kvartalsrapport 2020-Q2
2020-05-27 Kvartalsrapport 2020-Q1
2020-05-07 Årsstämma 2020
2020-02-12 Bokslutskommuniké 2019
2019-11-07 Kvartalsrapport 2019-Q3
2019-08-29 Extra Bolagsstämma 2019
2019-08-21 Kvartalsrapport 2019-Q2
2019-05-22 Kvartalsrapport 2019-Q1
2019-05-09 Ordinarie utdelning WSTEP 1.60 NOK
2019-05-08 Årsstämma 2019
2019-02-14 Bokslutskommuniké 2018
2018-11-08 Kvartalsrapport 2018-Q3
2018-08-15 Kvartalsrapport 2018-Q2
2018-05-09 Kvartalsrapport 2018-Q1
2018-04-25 Ordinarie utdelning WSTEP 1.50 NOK
2018-04-24 Årsstämma 2018
2018-02-15 Bokslutskommuniké 2017
2017-11-16 Kvartalsrapport 2017-Q3
2021-06-08 17:35:38

Oslo, 8 June 2021: On the basis of a resolution by the annual general meeting of Webstep ASA (the "Company") on 28 April 2021, the board of directors of the Company has, after consultation with the Company's nomination committee, resolved to implement a share investment programme for certain management employees in the Company and its subsidiary Webstep AS, and the members of the board of directors of the Company (the "Share Investment Programme").

The participants in the Share Investment Programme will be offered to acquire new shares in the Company for an amount of between NOK 50,000 and NOK 200,000 each, and for up to NOK 4,200,000 in aggregate (the "Offer"). The shares will be offered at a price equal to the volume-weighted average share price for the Company's shares on the Oslo Stock Exchange during the ten trading days prior to 10 June 2021 with a discount of 21.7%. Any shares acquired in the Offer will be subject to a lock-up period of two years, and the reduced offer price shall reflect the value-reducing effect of the lock-up period.

Shares acquired in the Offer will be settled in the form of new shares in the Company to be issued pursuant to an authorisation granted to the board of directors by the annual general meeting held on 28 April 2021.

The Offer must be accepted by the eligible participants on 10 June 2021 before 17:00 hours (CEST).