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Canopy Holdings äger en portfölj av multinationella varumärken och bolag som tillhandahåller digitaliseringslösningar till skidorter, destinationer och olika typer av parker och attraktioner. Genom sina varumärken och bolag verkar Canopy i Nordamerika och Europa. Koncernen består för närvarande av varumärkena Catalate, Liftopia, Skitude och Spotlio.


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13.9.2021 21:23:05 CEST | Skitude Holding AS | Non-regulatory press releases

Austria-based Alturos joins a growing list of Platform Partnerships to integrate Catalate’s strategic dynamic pricing plans into its software.

(Palo Alto, CA, USA, 13 SEPTEMBER 2021) Catalate, a subsidiary of Skitude Holding AS (OSE:SKI), announces a new platform partnership with Alturos Destinations. The partnership is a Pricing as a Service model that will allow resort destinations in the European travel and tourism market to maximize their online revenue using Catalate’s proprietary pricing model and skiers to plan their vacations online with ease using Alturos’ e-commerce platform.

Alturos Destinations is an e-commerce provider enabling tourist destinations to execute digital sales strategies with sales and marketing, and a destination app and automated communication system. Alturos is working to build an integration between its e-commerce platform, used by 50+ destinations in Europe, and Catalate’s Pricing API.

“Our partnership with Catalate was generated from the need for a strong ally in the pricing strategies business," says Gilberto Loacker, President of the board at Alturos Destinations. "Catalate’s innovative pricing model and expertise blends perfectly with Alturos Destination OS in terms of e-commerce, offering a full-service solution for our partners.”

Following completion of the initial implementation, any user of Alturos’ software will be able to seamlessly integrate with Catalate’s APIs to offer best-in-class dynamic pricing strategies to their guests. The first implementation is expected to launch in mid-September by a group of Swiss ski resorts.

"As Skitude Group continues to drive digitization in the ski industry, it is important that our portfolio companies build bridges with other leading software providers in the space,” says Bent Grøver, CEO. “The strategic direction to build open, flexible platforms that interface with other systems will yield exponentially better tools for our ski area partners, freeing them from the constraints of having to choose one system to meet all of their needs.”

Alturos joins Catalate’s growing list of platform partners, including direct booking and pricing API integration with RootRez, and international keycard reload integrations with Team Axess and SkiData. Catalate’s partnership with Alturos showcases how more Platform Partners continue to leverage Catalate’s open, flexible platform. Integrating quickly with other leading technology providers in the industry, Catalate helps partners modernize their ecommerce technology to maximize revenue.

To learn more about how Catalate’s technology and team are partnering with technology companies around the world, visit catalate.com.


About Skitude Holding AS

Skitude Holding AS aims to digitize the market for skiers and other mountain enthusiasts. Unlike other markets such as tourism, accommodation, restaurants, touring etc., this market is still mostly analogue. The international group of companies within the Skitude group has developed a platform on which all of this can be achieved. As such it provides a meeting place between skiers and ski resorts. The company’s long-term vision is to create a one-stop-shop that offers all services related to mountain activities.