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Andfjord Salmon är ett norskt bolag som bedriver fiskodling. Bolaget förfogar över egna produktionsanläggningar runtom den norska hemmamarknaden, med störst fokus på odling av lax. En stor del av verksamheten fokuserar mot utvecklandet av nya metoder och produktionsprocesser. Kunderna återfinns huvudsakligen bland grossister samt bland företag och restauranger inom livsmedelsbranschen.


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21.9.2021 08:00:00 CEST | Andfjord Salmon | Non-regulatory press releases

Andfjord Salmon is excited to announce the appointment of Jostein Nilssen as its
new Project Director. Nilssen has international experience as a project manager
and Offshore Installation Manager in ConocoPhillips, and was most recently
Production Director in Øksnes Entreprenør. The new role of Project Director will
be a part of Andfjord Salmon's management group.

"Jostein Nilssen has highly relevant and unique experience in developing big
international projects. He has documented his ability to implement and deliver
results, having led innovative projects for one of the world's biggest oil
companies. Jostein Nilssen will have a key role in the future development of the
company's facilities," says Martin Rasmussen, CEO of Andfjord Salmon AS.

Jostein Nilssen has experience from the position of Offshore Installation
Manager on Ekofisk for ConocoPhillips. In the same company, he served as project
manager for the first turnarounds of the LNG (liquefied natural gas) facility in
Darwin, Australia, which is similar to the Snøhvit facility at Melkøya. He was
also based in Houston for three years, with overriding responsibility for
follow-up and coordination of maintenance/turnarounds for all of
ConocoPhillips's onshore and offshore facilities. During the last four years,
Nilssen has been Production Director in Øksnes Entreprenør with overriding
responsibility for all of its projects and factories.

"Andfjord Salmon has ambitions and concrete development plans that are very
attractive. Being allowed to take part in this industrial adventure is an
opportunity one cannot pass up. With my experience from technological
innovations both offshore and onshore, I'm really looking forward to using my
expertise in the future development of the company," says Nilssen.

Andfjord Salmon AS is developing land-based facilities at three different sites
on Andøya. This summer, the first pool was completed and handed over. This pool
is now entering a test phase, while the development of the remaining pools and
sites is proceeding at full capacity. In total, Andfjord Salmon has the
potential to produce 90,000 tonnes of salmon HOG.

In contrast to other land-based initiatives, Andfjord Salmon AS uses
flow-through technology, with technological adaptations developed by the company
itself. The facility utilises its unique access to tempered water directly from
the Gulf Stream, and is not dependent on pumping, heating/cooling, or other
costly operations. ItŽs estimated that the energy usage is as low as 1 kWh per
kilo of produced salmon.

"We are on schedule with our long-term plans to produce approximately 90,000
tonnes of salmon, with the smallest environmental footprint ever seen. Jostein
Nilssen is the best person to have with us when we will now be realising our
further development plans", says Rasmussen.

Jostein Nilssen starts in his new post as Project Director on September 21,


* Martin Rasmussen, CEO, +47 975 08 665, martin@andfjord.no


About Andfjord Salmon AS

Andfjord Salmon's head office is at Kvalnes on Andøya in Vesterålen. The company
has developed an innovative and sustainable method for the land-based farming of
Atlantic salmon. The salmon cannot escape or be exposed to Salmon lice, and is
produced with minimal energy consumption. Bio residue and waste is collected and
recycled. The system is based on flow-through technology that does not require
the reuse and recirculation of water. The company's ambition is to build the
world's most sustainable aquaculture facility of its kind. With the best of both
worlds, we are combining the advantages of both sea-based and land-based
aquaculture.The result is good salmon welfare and sustainable production in
arctic waters - at 69 degrees north.

www.andfjordsalmon.com - http://www.andfjordsalmon.com - www.andfjord.no -

Andfjord Salmon AS is listed on Euronext Growth under the ticker ANDF.


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