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Everfuel är ett danskt bolag verksamma inom energisektorn. Bolaget är en utvecklare av produkter och tillhörande tekniska system för vätgasförsörjning och tankningslösningar för tunga fordon och industriella aktörer. Bolaget innehar etablerade distributionsanläggningar runtom den globala marknaden, med störst närvaro inom Norden och Europa.


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2022-06-21 11:07:59
Herning, 21 June 2022 - Everfuel A/S is pleased to announce that a collaboration
with Nel Hydrogen A/S and Force Technology has received public funding for
developing a moveable hydrogen refuelling station to accelerate deployment of
infrastructure for zero-emission mobility as part of the Project: Trekant H2

Current hydrogen stations require onsite construction and long-term lease and
offtake agreements, which increases lead times and reduces flexibility.
Utilising moveable refuelling stations will increase flexibility and enable a
more rapid deployment of green hydrogen infrastructure.

The total grant amounts to DKK 7.4 million. The funding will be used to convert
a stationary high-capacity Nel H2station into a moveable unit, using existing
technologies. The award is made in connection with the regional project,
Lighthouse South Jutland and other regions of Denmark.

"Everfuel is seeking to make the hydrogen technology more versatile to
accelerate the needed transition to more sustainable transport. This includes
collaborations with partners on developing safe and efficient refuelling
technology for stationary and moveable high-capacity stations as well as our own
complementary Everfiller solution, created in-house by Everfuel Tech," said
Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO of Everfuel.

Everfuel is the project manager and responsible for the development of the
moveable station and its deployment together with Nel. Everfuel will deliver
green hydrogen to the station from its regional production facilities. Force
technology is responsible for safety and the required regulatory and system

For additional information, please contact

Lea Vindvad Hansen, Investor Relations & Communications Manager, Everfuel A/S,
+45 6183 0205, lha@everfuel.com

About Everfuel | www.everfuel.com

Everfuel is making green hydrogen for zero emission mobility commercially
available across Europe, offering competitive all-inclusive hydrogen supply- and
fueling solutions. We own and operate green hydrogen infrastructure and partner
with vehicle OEMs to connect the entire hydrogen value chain and seamlessly
provide hydrogen fuel to enterprise customers under long-term contracts. Green
hydrogen is a 100% clean fuel made from renewable energy and key to
electrification of the transportation sector in Europe and a sustainable future.
We are a young ambitious company, headquartered in Herning, Denmark, and with
activities in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, and
a plan to grow across Europe. Everfuel is listed on Euronext Growth in Oslo
under EFUEL.