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ListaEuronext Growth Oslo
IndustriShipping & Offshore
Golden Energy Offshore Services är ett norskt bolag som bedriver offshore verksamhet inom den globala olje- och gasindustrin. Bolagets flotta består av ett flertal olika fartyg anpassade för diverse ändamål. Olika tjänster som tillhandahålls inkluderar underhåll och undervattensarbete, rörtransport, projektledning, samt ROV-stöd. Utöver bistås med administration ramavtal, samt råd som berör operativa och tekniska frågor. Bolagets huvudkontor ligger i Ålesund, Norge.
2023-09-11 21:10:17
Ålesund 11.09.2023

Reference is made to the previous announcements date 4 August 2023 and 30 August
2023 regarding Golden Energy Offshore Services' (the "Company") transformative
fleet acquisition (the "Fleet Acquisition") and refinancing by way of a sale and
leaseback facility from Fleetscape (the "SLB Facility").

Together with the USD 98.6 million SLB Facility, which in addition to providing
funds for the Fleet Acquisition will refinance the USD 35.9 million of debt
related to Energy Duchess and Energy Empress, the Company will be seeking to
raise up to USD 30 million of new capital to be fully funded to complete the
Fleet Acquisition and expected required working capital. To that end, the
Company has retained Arctic Securities and Fearnley Securities as joint lead
managers to arrange a series of investor meetings commencing 12 September 2023.
An equity private placement of up to USD 30 million may follow. Oaktree Capital
Management, the Company's largest shareholder, will subscribe for USD 12.8
million, including conversion of the USD 3.3 million bridge loan facility
provided to pay the deposit in August 2023 related to the Fleet Acquisition.

An updated company presentation is attached hereto and will be made available on
the Company's web page.

This information is considered to be inside information pursuant to the EU
Market Abuse Regulation and is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant
to section 5-12 the Norwegian Securities Trading Act. This stock exchange
announcement was published by Per Ivar Fagervoll, CEO, on 11 September 2023, at
21:07 (Oslo time).

For further information, please contact:

Per Ivar Fagervoll
Mobile: + 47 974 28 884