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Inin Group är ett investeringsbolag som är verksamt som industriell ägare med investeringar i bolag inom infrastruktur- och industriservicenischer i Norden. Koncernen skapar värde genom att identifiera investeringsmöjligheter inom nischer med potential för utveckling, konsolidering och tillväxt, bolaget arbetar i samarbete med sina plattformsbolag för att uppnå detta.
2024-02-02 10:16:31
2 February 2024 -Team 1435 AS, which is part of Inin Group's Rail Infrastructure
platform, has been awarded a contract to conduct forest clearing along the
Dovre, Rauma and Røros railway lines in central Norway.

The contract is valid for one year with two one-year options (1+1+1) and is
expected to generate annual revenue of approximately NOK 11 million. Should the
optional contract periods be exercised, the agreement is worth approximately NOK
33 million over a three-year period. The client is Bane NOR.

The work for the 2024 forest clearing campaign will commence immediately.

"The forest clearing work will be conducted during the winter period, which is
typically a low activity season for us. It is a nice, low-risk contract that
ensures improved workforce utilisation for us," says Ove Fauskrud, managing
director of Team 1435.

Team 1435 specializes in railways superstructures and substructures as well as
rail security. The company supplies contractor services, project and
construction management, logistics and security services as well as professional
services to the industry.

Team 1435 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nordic Infrastructure Group AS, which
heads up Inin Group's rapidly growing Rail Infrastructure platform.

Euronext Growth-listed Inin Group is the majority owner of Nordic Infrastructure


For further information, please contact:
Øivind Horpestad, CEO of Inin Group, Tel: +47 910 00 626

About Inin Group AS
Inin Group is a listed investment company operating as an industrial owner with
investments in companies within infrastructure and industry services niches in
the Nordics. The group create value by identifying investment opportunities
within profitable niches with potential for development, consolidation and
growth, working in collaboration with the platform companies to deliver
sustainable growth and superior profitability. For more information, please
visit: www.inin.no