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Multiconsult är ett konsultbolag. Bolaget tillhandahåller specialistkompetens inom projektstyrning och erbjuder mervärdeslösningar för bygg- och fastighetsbranschen, för aktörer inom industri- och energisektorn, samt logistik. Olika tjänster som bolaget erbjuder innefattar rådgivning som inom diverse förvaltningsfrågor, analys och inspektion, samt övriga ingenjörstjänster. Verksamhet innehas idag på global nivå. Bolaget bildades 1908 och har sitt huvudkontor i Oslo.


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2020-05-15 09:23:30
Multiconsult has made changes to the Group's segment reporting,

Multiconsult's reporting segments has historically been presented as four
segments. As from 2020 Multiconsult's reporting segments will be five segments:
Region Oslo, Region Norway, Energy, LINK arkitektur and International.

Region Oslo: This segment offers services in seven business areas and comprises
the Oslo region, in addition the segment includes Multiconsult's internal
segment Large Projects in Norway.

Region Norway: This segment offers services in seven business areas and
comprises all offices outside Oslo with presence in all larger cities in Norway
and several other locations, a total of 23 offices.

Energy: The segment Energy is represented in Multiconsult's offices in Oslo and
Trondheim together with the subsidiary Multiconsult UK. The segment offers
national and international services in the business area Renewable Energy with
minor activity in Water & Environment.

LINK arkitektur: This segment comprises LINK arkitektur with its 15 offices in
Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

International: This segment comprises the subsidiaries Multiconsult Polska and
Iterio AB.

When presenting the financial reports from 2020, the comparison to same period
in 2019 will be made on the new structure and presented as restated. To ensure
comparability between periods, a given percentage of revenue and cost reported
in 2019 as "not allocated" is distributed to the new segments according to the
same principles applied to allocation from 2020.

Restated figures for 2019 is attached reflecting the changes.

For further information, please contact:

Investor relations:
   Hans-Jørgen Wibstad, CFO
   Phone: +47 916 89 661
   E-mail: hans-jorgen.wibstad@multiconsult.no

   Pål-Sverre Jørgensen, Group Treasurer & Investor Relations Officer
   Phone: +47 416 11 161
   E-mail: ir@multiconsult.no

Multiconsult is a leading Norwegian multidisciplinary engineering consulting
company, with aprox. 3 000 employees and 45 offices in Norway and abroad. The
Company focuses on seven market areas: Buildings & Properties, Transport &
Infrastructure, Energy, Oil & Gas, Industry, Environment & Natural resources and
Architecture. The Company has an operating history that spans more than a
century, with the inception of Norsk Vandbygningskontor in 1908. In 2015
Multiconsult completed more than 9 000 projects for approx. 4 000 different

This information is subject of the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5
-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.