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Navamedic är ett nordiskt läkemedelsföretag som levererar läkemedel, OTC, medicinska nutritionsprodukter för sällsynta diagnoser samt medicintekniska produkter till sjukhus och apotek inom områden som exempelvis obesitas, kvinnohälsa, urologi, mage/tarm, samt smärta. Navamedic verkar i de nordiska länderna, Baltikum och Benelux men är även representerade i Storbritannien och Grekland. Bolaget etablerades 1999 med säte i Oslo, Norge.


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2022-05-05 11:35:05
· The proposed acquisition reinforces Navamedic's position in the market for
obesity treatment
· The acquired portfolio enables Navamedic to support patients and consumers
during weight loss or obesity treatment
· This agreement supports Navamedic's ambition to become a leading Nordic
provider of specialized, high-quality products to hospitals and pharmacies

Oslo, 5 May 2022 - Navamedic ASA (OSE: NAVA), a Nordic pharma company and
reliable provider of high-quality products to hospitals and pharmacies, and
Impolin AB (Impolin), a Swedish-based, independent distributor of products that
benefit the health and wellbeing of consumers and patients, today announce that
Navamedic will acquire Impolin to expand its product portfolio for obesity

Impolin's portfolio includes Modifast, a range of diet and meal replacement
products, and MedMade, a multivitamin and minerals tablet for post-bariatric
surgery supplementation, which are products aimed at supporting patients during
weight loss or obesity treatment, including bariatric surgery. Impolin's third
product is Absolut Torr/Absolute Dry, extra effective antiperspirants primarily
for hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating.

The addition of Modifast and MedMade is set to broaden Navamedic's current
product offering within the area of obesity treatment and enables Navamedic to
support patients throughout the entire weight loss journey.

Obesity is considered a disease that increases the likelihood of various other
diseases and conditions, such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
Between 15-and 20%[1] of people in the Nordic population are considered obese,
whereby the cost of treatment and related complications are increasing. Weight
loss remains the key in the management of obesity and is often a prerequisite
for patients seeking to undergo bariatric surgery.

"The world has seen obesity nearly triple since 1975, making it a significant
public health concern. Navamedic has been ramping up activities in this
important segment and is now in an ideal position to improve the product
offering for patients and consumers seeking to undergo weight loss in a safe and
effective way.

"Our ambitions are bold, but by capitalizing on the strong transaction
synergies, I am confident that we will successfully launch our expanded product
range across the Nordic territory. Together with the Impolin team, we are
planning to launch Modifast in Norway in 2023, followed by rollout in Finland
and Denmark, and double product revenue by the end of 2028," commented Kathrine
Gamborg Andreassen, CEO of Navamedic.

"Navamedic has dedicated part of its product portfolio to treating obesity,
making the company our preferred partner. With Navamedic's position as a
reliable supplier of high-quality products in the Nordics, we believe this
agreement will accelerate access to our products for patients outside of Sweden.
I look forward to collaborating closely with the team at Navamedic to contribute
to improving the quality of life for people," said Tony Brejke, Managing
Director and owner of Impolin AB.

For further information, please contact: Kathrine Gamborg Andreassen, CEO,
Navamedic Mobile: +47 951 78 680 E-mail: kathrine@navamedic.com Lars Hjarrand,
CFO, Navamedic Mobile: +47 917 62 842 E-mail: lars.hjarrand@navamedic.com

About Navamedic

Navamedic ASA is a full-service provider of high-quality healthcare products to
hospitals and pharmacies. Navamedic meets the specific medical needs of patients
and consumers by leveraging its highly scalable market access platform, leading
category competence and local knowledge. Navamedic is present in all the Nordic
countries, the Baltics and Benelux, with sales representation in the UK and
Greece. Navamedic is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and listed on the Oslo Stock
Exchange (ticker: NAVA). For more information, please visit www.navamedic.com

About Impolin AB

Impolin AB (Impolin) is a Swedish-based, independent distributor of products
that benefit the health and wellbeing of consumers and patients. The portfolio
includes own brands as well as international distribution agreements. Pharmacies
are the sole distribution channel, alongside the branded website with e-trade.
The company also exports Absolut Torr, to other countries and regions, via third
party distributors. For more information, please visit www.impolin.com

[1] World Obesity. Global Obesity Observatory https://data.worldobesity.org/.