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Nykode Therapeutics är verksamma inom bioteknik. Bolaget är idag specialiserade inom forskning och utveckling av immunologiska terapier och vacciner. Lösningarna används huvudsakligen för behandling av patienter med cancersjukdomar samt övriga allvarliga hälsotillstånd som kräver långsiktig behandling. Störst verksamhet återfinns inom den europeiska marknaden.


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2021-11-23 06:45:00
o	Vaccibody becomes Nykode Therapeutics - a new name and identity, including
logo, colors and website, to signify a new phase of growth and development

(Please also refer to the separate announcements by Nykode Therapeutics issued
today regarding the Company's collaboration agreement with Regeneron, and the
calling for an extraordinary general meeting.)

Oslo, Norway, November 23, 2021 - Nykode Therapeutics (formerly Vaccibody*))
(Euronext Growth (Oslo): VACC (ticker will soon be changed)), a clinical-stage
biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of vaccines
and novel immunotherapies, announced today that the Company is changing its name
to reflect its exciting development and mark a milestone in our journey of
growth and transformation. It acts as a visible symbol of a new phase of
opportunity based on collaborations, internationalization, and future ambitions.
And it conveys how we are truly starting to realize our vision of being a
leading immunotherapy platform company, breaking down the boundaries of
conventional drug design to unlock the future of medicine.

The Company's new name is inspired by its Norwegian roots and links to our
platform's modularity. Nykode translates as 'new code', playing on the potential
of our technology to generate novel codes and create innovative patient

Michael Engsig, CEO of Nykode Therapeutics: "Over the last few years, the
Company has made significant steps forward. We have reported promising clinical
data, continued to grow our pipeline and forged significant partnerships."
Michael Engsig added, "We continue our exciting transformation from a two-asset
focused company to a fully-fledged platform biotech company. During the past
year, we have increased the number of talented colleagues, made important
additions to our senior management team, invested strategically, and expanded
internationally. This positive evolution, combined with our future ambitions,
inspired the need to revisit our brand."

Agnete B. Fredriksen, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer of Nykode
Therapeutics, continued, "The challenge of changing our name was to consolidate
everything we have achieved to date with our future plans to expand, and combine
this into a powerful new brand." Agnete B. Fredriksen added, "We have shown that
we can generate novel molecules by combining multiple different genes or codes
to generate new medicines with unique properties. We will build further on this
know-how, driven by our guiding purpose to push the boundaries of human
advancement by rethinking conventional drug design. We want to express how our
platform's intelligent modular design and tailored hyper targeting may deliver
game-changing medicines for patients. This vision aims to create innovative
therapies and continues to broaden our reach into multiple therapeutic areas,
both with and without our partners. In essence, we believe that our new name,
Nykode, uniquely captures our progress and possibilities."

Read more about the journey and inspiration regarding our new name, logo, and
visual identity on our new website, nykode.com.

*) Vaccibody AS, which is changing its company name to Nykode Therapeutics AS,
has called for an EGM on November 30, 2021, to vote for the approval of the
change of its company name from Vaccibody AS to Nykode Therapeutics AS.

About Nykode Therapeutics

Nykode Therapeutics, is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, dedicated to
the discovery and development of vaccines and novel immunotherapies for the
treatment cancer and infectious diseases. Nykode Therapeutics' modular vaccine
technology specifically targets antigens to Antigen Presenting Cells, which are
essential for inducing rapid, strong and long-lasting antigen specific immune
responses and elicit efficacious clinical responses.

Its lead product candidates are VB10.16, a therapeutic vaccine for the treatment
of human papilloma virus 16 induced malignancies which is in Phase 2 for the
treatment of cervical cancer