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Xplora Technologies är verksamma inom teknikbranschen. Bolaget är specialiserade inom utveckling av digitala GPS-applikationer för barn. Programvaran är egenutvecklad och används huvudsakligen för säkerhet och kommunikation, där produkterna består av mobila klockor. Utöver huvudverksamheten erbjuds även diverse mervärdestjänster inriktat mot sport, spel och rörelseaktivitet. Störst verksamhet återfinns inom den europeiska marknaden.


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Oslo/New York, 13 April 2021 - Xplora Technologies (OSE: XPLORA) and UNICEF USA
are proud to announce today a new partnership agreement for Xplora to support
the UNICEF Kid Power® Program in giving kids the power to save lives by
connecting their everyday activities to real-world impact. As children get
active and complete steps through the Xplora smartwatch or free mobile app, they
will unlock two types of impact: meals for families locally and water tablets
for children and families around the world.

Xplora was founded with the mission of giving children a safe onboarding to
digital life and encouraging a better balance between screen time and physical
activity. A total of 350,000 smartwatches for kids have been sold since the
company was launched, resulting in a rapid international expansion.

"We are truly proud of partnering with this important and life-saving UNICEF USA
program, which fits perfectly into Xplora's vision of enabling children around
the world to experience how their everyday activities can make a positive change
in the world," says Sten Kirkbak, CEO of Xplora.

"At UNICEF Kid Power, we believe kids have the power to make real-world impact,
and our mission is to inspire kids to believe that too," said Troy Hickerson,
Co-founder of UNICEF Kid Power. "We are very excited to announce this
partnership with Xplora, and we love that kids' own activity is what unlocks the

As a foundation of its sustainability approach, Xplora has identified five
sustainability development goals (SDGs) for the company to focus its initiatives
on. These include reduction of poverty, promotion of good health, quality
education and gender equality, as well as taking urgent actions to combat
climate change. In a recent Xplora sustainability initiative to promote gender
equality, the non-profit organization Black Girls CODE was provided with five
scholarships calculated by the number of steps taken by the Xplora community of
users. And in 2020 Xplora, as part of a partnership with the nonprofit
organization One Tree Planted, planted more than 40,000 trees in British
Columbia as a result of the number of sold units over a certain period.

"In the future we hope to establish more initiatives together with UNICEF Kid
Power and other partners through which we bring attention to the sustainability
goals and positive change to the world by encouraging our community to stay
active," Kirkbak says.

For further information please contact:
Sten Kirkbak, CEO +47 9220 3710
Mikael Clement, CFO +47 9900 8000

About Xplora Technologies AS
Xplora was founded with the mission of giving children a safe onboarding to
digital life and encouraging a better balance between screen time and physical
activity. Xplora's broad portfolio of connected products and services allows
people to connect their loved ones, and children to experience how their
everyday activities can make a positive change in the world.

Xplora's critically acclaimed products and services have sold more than 350,000
watches worldwide and trusted by more than 400,000 families, while the Goplay
Services are available for more than 10 million kids via third parties.

Xplora has offices in Norway, UK, Germany, and Spain, and is expanding into new
markets in the US and Europe. Xplora has several major innovations in the child
smartwatch category, including the launch of the world's first eSIM product for
children and its patent-pending activity platform and logic converting steps to

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) works in more than 190 countries and
territories to pursue a more equitable world for every child. UNICEF has helped
save more children's lives than any other humanitarian organization, by
providing health care and immunizations, safe water and sanitation, nutrition,
education, emergency relief and more.

UNICEF USA advances the global missing of UNICEF by rallying the American public
to support the world's most vulnerable children. Together, we are working toward
a world that upholds the rights of all children and helps every child thrive.
For more information, visit www.unicefusa.org.
About UNICEF Kid Power

About UNICEF Kid Power®
UNICEF Kid Power, a program of UNICEF USA, helps children discover how their
everyday activities - such as moving and learning - can make a difference in the
world. By getting active with UNICEF Kid Power, kids unlock therapeutic food
that UNICEF delivers to severely malnourished children around the world and earn
local impact for causes they care about in their own communities. The more kids
move and learn, the more lives they save. To learn more, go to