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Zwipe är ett teknikbolag. Bolaget är specialiserade inom bioteknik och kommersialisering av diverse autentiseringslösningar inom områdena betalning, ID och personlig åtkomst. Exempel på produkter innefattar kompatibla accessystem, fingertrycksavläsning samt digital ID-identifiering. Bolaget grundades under 2009 och har idag störst verksamhet inom Nordamerika, Europa och Asien.


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BANGKOK, THAILAND - 11 SEPTEMBER 2019 - Biometric technology company Zwipe and
dz card a global card solution provider and one of the largest card
manufacturers in Southeast Asia, have signed a partnership to launch biometric
payment solutions addressing the emerging needs of customers in Thailand and
across Southeast Asia, as well as India and Africa.

Speaking on the engagement, Mr. Renaud ADAM - CEO of dz card said, "we have
received requests from several large issuers seeking biometric payment cards and
we are excited to partner with Zwipe, who is uniquely positioned to support our
customers in introducing, optimizing and scaling up the issuance of this
innovative product which makes contactless payment so much more secure."

dz card will look to integrate Zwipe's technology platform in bringing their
biometric payment cards and other associated solutions to market, featuring
Zwipe's proprietary biometric payment platform and secure at-home enrolment

Commenting on this latest customer acquisition André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe
said, "we are honored that dz card decided to join our growing customer base and
we are confident that our unique and dedicated approach to support them in
launching biometric payment cards will be a win for their customers, some of the
largest financial institutions in Southeast Asia."

About DZ Card

dz card is an end-to-end smart cards solution provider with strong ethics,
global footprint, and large capacity. Our company has built an outstanding
global reputation for manufacturing smart cards and high-end security products.
With ongoing worldwide success, we deliver premium quality, excellent customer
service and fast delivery. All our worldwide facilities are certified by global
card schemes (VISA, MasterCard, Union Pay International, JCB, Diners, SAS GSM,
etc.). To learn more, visit www.dzcard.com

Media Contact: Renaud ADAM, CEO, +66 2 705 1939 contact@dzcard.com

 About Zwipe

Zwipe is a technology company enabling battery-less, ultra-low-power, self
-contained biometric authentication solutions for payment cards and wearable
devices. With an ecosystem of customers including global brands within digital
security and financial services, Zwipe is "making convenience secure" for banks,
merchants and consumers. Zwipe's intellectual property portfolio enables the
heightened security offered by biometrics, without impeding the convenience of
contactless. By protecting the user's personal information and right to privacy
Zwipe is directly addressing the data theft pitfalls inherent in traditional
authentication methods. To learn more, visit www.zwipe.com

Media Contact: André Løvestam, CEO, +47 930 44 040 info@zwipe.com