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Aino Health är ett svenskt bolag som idag är verksamma inom diverse hälsoarbete. Bolaget arbetar inom hela värdekedjan som berör företagshälsa och tillhörande arbetsmiljö. Aino Health erbjuder företagshälsodata via sina program och företagets kunder återfinns inom en rad olika sektorer. För närvarande drivs verksamhet i Norden och Tyskland med huvudkontor i Stockholm.


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City of Kuopio chooses Aino's platform to strengthen Employee Sustainability, well-being and Human Capital productivity.
It is part of the city's long-term
strategy to secure resources for public services. The agreement contains 4 000 licenses that will be implemented in November. 

Through the partnership with Järvisuomen and Kallaveden Työterveys Oy, Aino has been commissioned by the City of Kuopio to strengthen employee sustainability through the implementation of our SaaS platform. The agreement includes 4,000 licenses that will be implemented in November. 

Aino create value for both public and private sector, direct or with partners, to empower a more proactive leadership that leads to high workability and engagement. 

With Aino as a partner, Järvisuomen and Kallaveden Työterveys Oy can offer digitilized and proactive services to their customer base. City of Kuopio is the first customer in this collaboration. 

"With this cooperation, we will be able to improve our Employee Sustainability and provide an even better workplace for our employees who are delivering public services to the citizens of Kuopio. We look forward to a productive partnership with Aino", says Terttu Ruotsalainen, Human Resources Director at City of Kuopio. 

"As the regional occupational health care provider, we have been looking for the digital services for systematic leadership for our clients. We believe that together with Aino we can be more proactive and systematic with our clients’’, says Anne Juntunen, CEO of Järvisuomen and Kallaveden Työterveys Oy 

"We are very happy and proud that the City of Kuopio and Järviseudun and Kallaveden Työterveys Oy choose our SaaS platform to strengthen employee sustainability in their organization’’, says Jyrki Eklund, CEO of Aino Health. 

The owners of Järviseudun and Kallaveden Työterveys Oy are the City of Kuopio, PSSHP, the municipality of Siilinjärvi and the city of Varkaus. Järviseudun and Kallaveden Työterveys Oy produces occupational health care services for the owners as well as for private companies and entrepreneurs in the region, which includes medical care services in addition to the statutory ones. 

For more information: 
Jyrki Eklund 
CEO Aino Health 
Phone: +358 40 042 4221  

Certified adviser 
Erik Penser Bank 
+46 8 463 83 00 

About Aino Health (publ) 
Aino Health is the leading provider of Software as a Service solutions in Corporate Health Management.  
The company's complete system of SaaS platforms and services reduces sick leave, lowers related costs and improves business outcomes through increased productivity and employee engagement by making health, well-being and safety an integral part of daily work. For more information visit ainohealth.com.